Why Are More Parents Considering Private Schooling Over Public Models?

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What separates a good high school from a lackluster one?

Every parent wants the best opportunity possible for their child. They want them not just to succeed in their classes, but all areas of life, including a thriving social life and plenty of extracurricular activities that explore their hobbies. When a high school fails to meet these basics it can leave your children in a bad position to apply for college, a job or an internship. If you’re moving soon or just reconsidering the benefits of private school education the list below will detail all the benefits you can hope to glean from the switch.

Improved Safety And Security

Safety is a frustrating issue these days. More parents than ever are actively concerned about their child’s security, with some considering home schooling and yet more wondering if their local high school will ever be somewhere they can truly rely on. Private schools are well-regulated and much smaller than public schools, putting them in a better position to look after each and every child without trouble. Studies have shown parents feeling very confident about their child’s safety in a private school setting, particularly where substance abuse and bullying is concerned.

More Focused Classrooms

Is your child not receiving the one-on-one attention they need to truly excel? Do they feel ignored or looked over? A private high school might be overdue. Private schools are much smaller than public schools, with a smaller teacher to student ratio, and ensure no child is left behind on their personal journey. A recent study found over 20% of public school teachers reporting student apathy is a major problem in their school setting. Compare this to just 5% of private school teachers saying the same thing.

Higher Chances Of Going To College

A private school will ensure grades stay high and options varied, whether or not your child wants to attend a university in the future. The national average private school SAT score is around 1235, higher than average for all schools, which are closer to 1060. A recent survey found over 90% of non-parochial private high school graduates going on to a four-year post-secondary institution compared to just 50% of public school graduates. While everyone’s journey after graduating is different, your child’s pool of options should be as large as possible.

Better Parental Involvement

Do you worry about whether or not you’re completely involved in your child’s schooling? A private high school can ensure you’re up to speed no matter what. A study interviewed teachers to ask them about their biggest concerns involving schooling. Nearly 25% of public school teachers reported the lack of parental involvement is a major issue. Only 4% of private school teachers, however, reported this as an issue. The best schools encourage a healthy back-and-forth dialogue between school, student and parent.

The Advantages Of Private Schools

Today nearly 25% of all American schools are private. Fall of 2015 saw over 34,000 private schools offering kindergarten and up. Recent data also concluded counselors at private schools spending 55% of their time or more on college-related counseling. When it comes to a superior education, a private school is the way to go. Not only will your child be safer and more carefully attended to, their chances of being accepted into a prestigious university is much higher with the aid of a more rigorous educational program.

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