Cleaning Services Provide a Way for Many Aging Americans to Stay in Their Own Homes

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When you initially made plans to stay at your aunt and uncle’s home it seemed like a really good idea. Both you and your husband, as well as your two daughters, have fond memories of visiting the 100 year old home in the Chicago suburb. Your aunt would take you to the train stop and you would ride into the city and shop at your favorite stores. For the girls, this meant going into their favorite doll store and finding the latest outfits and accessories.
With arms full of shopping bags, the girls could not wait to show your aunt their purchases. Sometimes a new doll, often some new outfits for the dolls back home, occasionally a matching outfit for both the girls and their dolls. Once they arrived back at their favorite house to visit, they would climb the steep steps to the bedrooms on the second floor and prepare for a fashion show. Donned in the newest items, your daughters would parade through the living room, typically turning fast enough to twirl the skirts of the latest dresses, sometimes preparing for a good night’s rest in new matching pajamas.
As soon as you arrived this time, however, you knew that this visit would be different. It had been three years since you had visited and spent the night in the 100 year old Chicago home. The things that had semed charming in the past, now seemed worn. The rooms that looked cozy the last time that you visited, now were filthy. The kitchen was dirty, the microwave was broken, and the only bathroom with a shower had a ceiling that was covered in mold. It was not a conversation that you felt you could have with your aunt and uncle, but you decided that it was important to make sure that you place a call to your cousins and let them know about the latest visit. If someone could convince your aunt to consider hiring a maid service you were certain that they could stay in this home for a long time. Without a discussion about hiring a maid service, however, you felt like the home with all of the great memories was becoming both unhealthy and unsafe.
Experienced Maid Service Can Solve Many Problems

Custom cleaning services are the best way to address the situations that many aging adults have. From making sure that you are able to continue enjoying staying in your own home to protecting the investment that you have made in your home, the benefits of hiring a maid are significant. And while there are many Americans who will not admit that they cannot take care of their own homes, it is important to know that at some time everyone needs to ask for some help.
The fact that 84% of Americans believe having a clean carpet is necessary to having a clean home is just one indicator of how important it is to make sure that your home is as clean as it should be. Knowing that you, and those that you love live in a clean and healthy home means that you can rest easy at night and wake up with the energy that you need to face a new day. Whether you make the decision to just have someone come in once a month to take care of a whole house deep clean or you are able to invest in a weekly appointment, hiring a maid service is a good investment.
Even home owners who are young enough and energetic enough to still clean their own home, sometimes make the decision to make sure that they make the very most of the time that they do have. For instance, by hiring a maid service a family that cleans every day can gain back 730 hours, which is equal to 30 days, a year. The latest research is that there are currently 894,920 maids working in the U.S. Do you have one of them helping you make sure that you are house is healthy and clean, as well as protecting the investment that you have in your home?