How Trampoline Sessions Are Helping Families

If you’re a parent of a child on the autism spectrum, you may wonder what types of activities your child might enjoy. In this YouTube video, viewers learn why many families with autistic children believe trampoline sessions are an excellent choice for their children. The mother of a child with autism narrated the video.

Video Source

The video’s narrator stated that the trampoline provided fun for her child. Playing on the trampoline also allows him to improve his motor functions. The trampoline will also enable him to exercise. The trampoline displayed in the movie has a safety feature: it is enclosed around its perimeter with a fence.

The trampoline is specially modified for children with autism. Using the fenced trampoline, they won’t feel frightened by jumping. The mother in the video assures viewers the trampoline is certified according to safety standards. When children enjoy the sensation of jumping, they develop a sense of confidence.

Another benefit of using the trampoline is that it may help the child to develop socially. Autistic children often have challenges socializing. The safety and confidence these children feel can usually allow them to be brave enough to approach other children – especially their siblings or classmates. When children begin to enjoy the trampoline and interact socially, they might invite other children to share the trampoline with them.