Getting Married? Heres Why You Should Hire an Estate Planning Attorney

The average age of women going through their first divorce is 40. During this time, is it important to look for estate planning lawyers, civil attorneys, family attorneys, or divorce attorneys? For married couples who want their survivors to avoid the time and expense of a court-supervised probate process when they die, they should choose the right professional for them. Making such a decision can be confusing. Married couples will always want their spouses, kids, or other loved ones to avoid the court and attorney-involved probate process that takes place when they pass away and have assets in their name.

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Only the survivors are supposed to get access to those assets. This is where estate planning lawyers will come in handy. However, is that type of attorney needed?

Most of the time, the only way the survivors can access those assets is to hire a lawyer, attend court proceedings, and have judges get third parties to transfer those frozen assets after you die to your heirs. Many couples do not want their survivors to go through that probate process. It can be time-consuming, tiring, and expensive. This is where the question of starting one joint or two trusts comes in. You need to know the ramifications of the two options. An estate planning attorney can ensure you are getting the correct estate plan to ensure your children understand the process as well.