Obesity in Children Causes and Concerns

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  • 66% of parents worry that their child spends too much time on electronic devices.

These statistics are important, as they cover issues like parents and their children, as well as children and physical activity, which is generally less than the amount of time spent before the television and with video games. These issues are serious and threaten the health of America.

Physical activity is important. A person who is not physically active runs the risk of obesity and developing obesity-related illnesses. These illnesses include heart disease, hypertension, diabetes, high cholesterol, and more. These people are at a risk of heart attacks, strokes, sugar falls, and more. These illnesses are life threatening.

Children today are more likely to be obese than ever. They are also more likely to develop obesity related illnesses like Type II Diabetes. Children are fed a steady diet of fast food, which contains additives and preservatives and is generally food with a ton of chemicals in it.

Children today drink a great deal of coke. Coke has a great deal of calories, including a high amount of sugar. This sugar can lead to a sugar rush where someone develops diabetes due to the lack of insulin resistance. Children may gain a great deal of weight from cokes because they are high in carbohydrates, which can be converted to fat.

Children are less likely to be active today than in previous generations. Much of this has to do with entertainment like televisions and video games. Kids are less likely to run around and explore, though this also may be due to the perceived danger that kids are in nowadays. Children stay inside and play video games and watch television.

This can lead to a culture of lethargy within America, as both children and parents are watching television instead of being physically active and working out. More and more Americans are obese and struggle with obesity related illnesses. This leads to weighing down in the healthcare system, as costs rise.

There are many organizations that are trying to change this. The National Football League has developed a youth program that encourages children to get outside and workout, or at least get some physical activity. Former First Lady Michelle Obama also sponsored activities to get children outdoors and active.

Obesity related illnesses are more than just a lack of physical activity, however. They can also come from a poor diet, as seen before in the steady diet of fast foods and cokes. A child can get a poor diet from their parents or from their school, which leads to people being fat.

One option for parents to get their children more active is to install equipment in the backyard that can get children active. One of these types of equipment is called the swing set. The swing set is a piece of equipment where two seats are attached to chains which run up a long distance to a bar up above. The children can then swing.

Swing sets are possible to make, along with getting them swing set replacement parts. It is possible to build a swing set without help of a technician, and it is possible to repair it without the help of a technician using swing set replacement parts. Swing set replacement parts can be found online or in stores. Swing set replacement parts are helpful for people.

Children today are not as active as in the past. Whereas in the past, kids used to explore and ride bicycles, today kids stay inside and play video games. Combined with a poor diet, those kids grow fat. More organizations are trying to get kids active and parents can contribute by building equipment in the backyards.