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There are some statistics worth noting as well. They are:

  • 33% of renters move each year.
  • About 16% Americans move each year.
  • The average 30-year-old has moved six times.

Belongings. They are items that people have, that they carry, that they move with, that they store in storage containers in. These belongings can be small, like a small locket with a picture of a loved, to very large, such as a boat. They can be many different sizes and have many thoughts associated with them.

The issue with belongings is that they need to be transported if someone moves. If a person, for instance, is moving from a one bedroom apartment to a two bedroom house, that person will need to transport their belongings with them. A person who transports these materials may need boxes or other storage containers.

A person who is moving from a two bedroom house to a one bedroom apartment faces a different situation. It is a situation faced often in America, when a person needs to move from a large location to a small location. It involves the belongings themselves. They will need to be discarded or stored.

A person who lives in a two bedroom house can accumulate a great deal of goods. This person can accumulate chairs, tables, lamps, pictures, photos, dressers, beds, and more. Those can be fine for just a two bedroom house but there becomes an issue if that person has to move to a house or apartment with fewer bedrooms.

In those cases, the person would either have to discard their belongings or move them into storage. This can be difficult for some people who simply love their things and can’t be separated from them. For many, this parting is a significant issue. It is one that is seen on shows like Hoarders, where people accumulate so many things.

For people who struggle with hoarding, getting rid of even small items can cause emotional distress, leading them to struggle with their emotions. Often, this causes a reversal as the person refuses to part with the things. This is a major issue as a person cannot get rid of their stuff.

For a person who does not have a hoarding issue, getting rid of things is still an issue when moving from a two bedroom house to a one bedroom apartment. Some of it probably could be sold, such as when a person sells furniture before moving to an apartment. A person could also put their things into storage.

There are millions of storage units in the United States. These storage units vary in terms of price, space, additions, and more. There are some in a location that are cheaper than others. The price of a storage facility can vary to as low as a few dozen dollars to the high end space models of over $100 per month.

The storage facility can also be outdoors or indoors. A storage facility can be temperature controlled or not. The outdoor units have a tendency to not be temperature controlled, which can lead to bending or warped wood or electronics that will go bad during the winter. There are those that are “inside units” meaning they are not exposed to the weather.

These inside units might be further temperature controlled, meaning that they are kept at a certain temperature throughout the year. There are some that are behind a gated entry and some that aren’t. There are many situations in which a person will find themselves in.

There are other considerations and situations as well. Moving from one location that is big to one that is smaller means getting rid of some things. But moving the rest of the things takes time as well. In those cases, it is possible to hire a professional mover to aid with the move.

Americans have a lot of things and have a lot of storage units to store those things. Belongings are important, as they matter to individuals, and taking care of those belongings is helpful for everyday life. Storage units help as do professional movers when needed.