Easy Ways to Help Your Community

Donation pickup

Many of us are compassionate people. We want to help those we are less fortunate than we are. Often, however, we are not sure how to do that. We cannot all write million dollar checks to every charity and cause we believe in. In terms of time, we often feel overwhelmed in our lives and don’t think we can spare the time to do something. Even if we want to help others in the community. We know when we work to strengthen the community, everyone benefits.

There are ways to help that help or donate that don’t break the bank. We can have our donations of goods picked up. More than half of the donations come in that way to charities. We don’t have to give money, we can donate household items, which many people need. Here are some other ways of helping families in need:

  1. Talk to restaurants and grocery stores about vouchers. Many will work with you if you ask to set up a voucher program where a customer can buy a meal ticket for whatever amount you pick and then give that to someone who needs a meal. You can do this in bulk or individually.
  2. Volunteer what time you have. Depending on the size of your community, there are differing numbers of charities but most places have a number of organizations servicing a variety of causes. If you go to a religious institution, they may be able to help you find one.
  3. Encourage your friends to donate used clothes, toys, whatever. Sometimes we do not think about all that we have and do not use. We do not think about the adage “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.” This is not to suggest they give trash but they can donate toys, donate clothing or other items they are not using or that no longer fit them.
  4. Sponsor a donation drive. It is easier to rally people to action if you give them a date. Post to your Facebook wall that between two dates, you are asking people to donate household items, for example, to whatever local charity gives to the less fortunate in the community.  Make it easy for your friends and relatives to give by finding out about which organizations have donation pick up.
  5. Have a donation party at your house. Have your friends over and ask that they donate household items or whatever. They bring their stuff to your house. You have a great time with friends and family and you help some people who need it at the same time. Remember many donations for non profit organizations are tax deductible. Win-win!

The bottom line is that we can all work to help the people in our communities who need it. We are compassionate. We give at the holidays, sure but we also give all year round. In fact, more than 44% of us do compared to  the 43% who only give during the holidays. That’s not a big difference but it is something.  When we strengthen our community this way, we build bridges between people and foster better relationships. Another win-win! More on this topic.