So You Want to Own a Ranch? You Might Want to Read This Firsrt


There’s a lot of romanticism associated with owning a farm, horse ranch, or cattle ranch. Of course, there are many benefits. Rising with the sun and breathing in the fresh, clear air, with the only sounds and sights surrounding you being your animals, your land, and the produce you reap.
Yeah, it sounds absolutely idyllic, right? Well, unfortunately, it’s more complicated than that. Owning a luxury ranch requires a lot of hard work, money, and time.
For those of you considering making the plunge, here’s what you need to know about acquiring a ranch or a farm:

First of all, farms and ranches are not created equal. By definition, a ranch is an area for raising animals. Ranches allow animals to graze, and range freely with low supervision, and it involves a large-scale management of livestock more than anything. Farms, in contrast, are typically several management systems that focus on farming itself. Namely, cultivating produce, animals, and the like. Farms have a high level of supervision in every mode of operation.
For ranches, cattle and horses require a significant amount of care. While there is low supervision involved, that doesn’t mean that owning a horse or cattle ranch requires no work. For a small ranch, more than 20 hours per week should be devoted to tending to your livestock. For large ranches, even more time is required.
Farms, in general, are extremely high maintenance. With so many facets to tend to, it seems as if a day’s work is never complete on a farm. From home and barn maintenance, to crop care to animal care and cultivation, there’s always something to do.
Of course, there are many advantages and positive aspects of farm and ranch ownership. For example, there is a great deal of gratification in owning a piece of land that allows you to cultivate and effectively nourish others. Plus, the profit you’ll receive definitely doesn’t hurt!