Cattle Ranching: Where the Nation’s Best Ranches are Located

cattle ranches

Did you know that the month of May is national beef month? States are coming together to celebrate the agricultural and cattle industry and the commerce the two have created for the American economy. After all, by purchasing a cattle ranch, you can not only turn a profit, but contribute to America’s great economy. In honor of this wonderful celebration, here’s what you should know about cattle ranches!

Making Money Ranching
While some may be skeptical of the idea of making an income owning a ranch, it is entirely possible. However, in order to be financially successful, one must not only have a knowledge of the land, but find land in a lucrative location.

Where should I buy a cattle ranch?
There are several ideal locations across the nation that are excellent real estate for farms and ranches. Here are some of the best locations to purchase a cattle ranch:

  • Texas
    The history of cattle ranching in Texas is long, strong, and illustrious. Since 1995, the state has led the nation in cattle and calves. They have also been number one on farms and ranches, while Texas cattle ranches have drastically changed since their beginnings. For example, employment of ranch managers has declined by at least two percent since 2012. All the same, they are still thriving in America’s ag industry.
  • Montana
    Montana is a unique state where the population is outnumbered by the number of cattle. There are over 28,000 farms and cattle ranches across the state, generating over $4.2 billion for all agriculture services rendered in 2012 alone. And the industry and population are slowly but surely growing.
  • Arizona
    Arizona’s history began with cattle ranching, and it continues to thrive as an industry today. While it’s half the size of what it used to be, cattle ranches in Arizona produced enough beef to feed 4.6 Americans in 2010 alone. There are about 3,800 cattle ranches in Arizona. With a longstanding history of land stewardship and cowboy culture, Arizona’s cattle ranching is a way of life.

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