Sleep Tight in An Adjustable Bed

Electric adjustable bed

Getting a good nights sleep is an essential component to maintaining the energy you need to accomplish all of the tasks in your busy day. Without a strong, healthy nights sleep, you lack the ability to focus on the important responsibilities both at work and at home. There are lots of ways to improve the quality of your sleep, such as developing healthy sleeping rituals, going to bed at the same time every night, and sleeping on a high quality mattress.

Your mattress is primarily responsible for keeping you comfortable all throughout the night. The make and model of your mattress is also responsible for the appropriate sleeping conditions that afford you that essential deep sleep every night. Sleeping on a flat spring mattress has been shown over and over to be bad for your posture while you sleep, causing you to toss and turn out of deep REM sleep. One of the best alternatives to the old, uncomfortable flat spring mattress are high quality sleep comfort adjustable beds. Here are a few ways you can learn how to get a better nights sleep with an adjustable bed.

An adjustable bed provides your body with the proper posture it needs to sleep in a healthy, body conforming position all night long. There are countless benefits to having an adjustable bed mattress over the traditional flat mattress. For one thing, because you spine is shaped like an S, a flat mattress creates gaps in between the natural curve of your spine, reducing the proper support you need to avoid ailments such as chronic back pain and stiffness. A completely adjustable bed also allows your legs to tilt up in positions that alleviate and even prevent edema complications without feeling like you are being stretched in an unnatural way.

Sleep comfort adjustable beds are able to be bent and folded to fit the most comfortable positions that support your head, neck, shoulder,s upper and lower back, as well as your legs and feet. According to the American Chiropractic Association, it is estimated that simply sleeping puts nearly 50 pounds of body weight on your spine alone. That is why sleep comfort adjustable beds are designed to support your entire body, distributing the weight evenly across your back. With the American Chiropractic Association estimating that nearly 80 to 90% of all Americans nationwide suffer from some form of back pain, having an adjustable bed can set you and your health apart from the masses.

Preventing chronic back pain is essential as you grow older. By sleeping on an adjustable bed from earlier ages you can do a lot to help reduce the chances of severe chronic pain that can potentially inhibit every aspect of your daily life. Take care of your spine and take control over your nights sleep. Stop falling prey to the uncomfortable flat spring mattress and seek out a sleep comfort adjustable bed today! Read more here: