Green Homes The Perfect Cost and Quality Solution

Eco friendly homes in st louis

Green custom homes are designed to have better energy efficiency and indoor air quality. They also conserve water and reduce pollution.

Modern green homes may be built smaller to use fewer materials. Building green homes also saves maintenance and utility costs since there’s less space to heat and keep in repair. Standard sizes of lumber can be used to reduce waste left over after a construction project.

Homeowners can also request that their builders use eco-friendly materials when building green homes. Building materials from regional and local sources are also easier on the environment, since they don’t cost carbon emissions to transport and usually come from less-endangered forests. Custom green homes are also more energy efficient and owners of eco friendly custom homes usually pay 30% less in utility expenses.

Using materials with recycled content when building green homes supports the recycling industry and cuts down on waste. Here are just a few that you can use in your custom built home:

    Plastic lumber: Decks and other surfaces that would traditionally be wood can be replaced with durable, low-maintenance alternatives made from recycled content. Usually they hold up to the elements and require less work to keep in good repair. Most are made partially or entirely from recycled plastic.

    Cement-fiber: Several siding alternatives are better for the environment than wood and plastic, including recycled hardboard, local brick and stone and stucco. Siding made of cement-fiber or other alternatives is tough, holds paint longer and resist moisture better than comparable hardwood siding.

    Soda bottle carpets: Many carpets are on the market now that are made from recycled plastic soda bottles spun into durable and stain-resistant fibers. These carpets are often good or better than carpets in their comparative cost bracket and prevents materials from ending up in landfills.

Custom built homes give you the freedom to design your life from the ground up. 40% of Home remodeling projects in the US are now done with eco-friendly materials, and demand for custom green homes is expected to go up 900% over the next 5 years.

This means that buying a green home is also investing in your future and increasing potential resale value.