Express Affection and More With Flowers

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According to Rutgers University, research shows that that presents we pick to convey special messages say a lot about us. It is likely because of this that people have traditionally used flowers to express a wide array of feelings and ideas. For example, in Russia, red tulips were often used to declare romantic love. Likewise, different colors of carnations were used to symbolize different levels of affection: red symbolized deep love, white represented pure love, and yellow depicted dejection. With this historical signification, it is no surprise that modern studies indicate that people who send flowers instead of other gifts, are viewed as successful, caring and emotionally intelligent.

Given the popularity of flowers as gifts and decorations, the modern florist industry is a popular one: there are currently 36,613 florist shops located in the United States, employing an estimated 90,427 people. After growing 0.6% annually from 2009 to 2014, the industry now generates $7 billion in yearly revenue. Additionally, these businesses now typically offer a number of convenient services, from online florist shops to florist delivery. Many also specialize in certain types of arrangements, such as wedding florists who provide wedding table flowers.

Indeed, wedding florists are one of the most common forms of flower businesses offering services in the modern U.S. Options vary from those who work specifically to provide affordable wedding flowers, to businesses that work with general flower arrangements and can be used for weddings as well. Depending on the florist, flowers from these businesses can include basic carnations and roses, spring wedding flowers, and more.

Whether you want to convey a message to a loved one or decorate for a significant event like a wedding, flowers are the perfect mode of expression for whatever you want to say. And due to the number of florist services that are likely in your area, it is possible to find a wide variety of flowers and arrangements for any situation. Contact flower shops in your area today to discuss types of flowers and pricing. Get more on this here: