Furnishing a Condo for the First Time? Check Out These 3 Simple Tips

Furniture shopping

Have you retired recently and decided to downsize? Or are you finally living out your dream of buying beachfront property? If either of these scenarios applies to you, then you’ve probably chosen to move into a condominium by the water. Condos are an easy way to live for many people because they often don’t require extensive yard work or other maintenance. However, they offer plenty of space for couples and families alike who need to live simply.

One of the challenges for new condo owners, however, is furnishing a condo to suit their tastes. Those who want a condo to look like it belongs by the beach, whether it’s there or not, definitely need to pay close attention when they go furniture shopping. Here are three easy tips for furnishing a home or condo that you can use, especially if you want that perfect beach house look:

    1. Measure before you buy. If you’re choosing new furniture for your condo, make sure that you measure your space and the furniture you want first before placing your order. Some condos are smaller than a typical home, and in some cases, you may also have to get furniture in through an elevator or up flights of stairs. Make sure that you will be able to receive the beautiful furniture that you’ve picked out.

    2. Stick with a coastal theme. Many people who are furnishing a condo, whether they live by the beach or not, want to have nice coastal decor for a beach house aesthetic. You can achieve this by painting with “beachy” colors — neutrals, sea blues, and greens for sea grass. Using reclaimed wood from old buildings or signs is a great way to mimic the textures of driftwood. You can also keep things light and airy with sheer curtains to give that look of going from the beach to the condo.

    3. Get interior design advice. Many furniture stores will have interior designers on-hand to help you decide what will work best for you. These shops will often have higher quality furniture to choose from, so you shouldn’t see anything with visible nuts and bolts or obvious welding marks. By selecting high quality furniture based on the advice of a professional designer or decorator, you can make sure that you condo will look beautiful for years to come.

How do you plan on furnishing a condo? Tell us in the comments.