Create a Comfortable Living Environment With Mission Style Furnishings

When it’s time to decorate or redecorate a home, there are quite a few styles that individual homeowner’s explore to create an environment that reflects their tastes. The 2017 Interior Design Trend survey, for example, found that over 33% of the participants were interested in redecorating their homes with neutral color palettes. Another survey revealed that living room sofas were going to be the focal point for 60% of the participants. For homeowners that are looking for a few tips and ideas, working with an interior designer can be beneficial.

A Few Design Tips

A bedroom’s size will often determine what type of bed will work best. That said, having enough room to sleep is vital. Queen-sized beds provide 30 inches for two people, while king-sized beds will provide 38 inches.

Rugs can provide comfort and a beautiful design element in various rooms of the house. It’s important to remember that it’s a good idea to have each rug’s edges 12-to-14 inches from a room’s perimeter. Smaller rugs and hallway runners can of course be placed in a variety of configurations, however.

Some homeowners may enjoy having a piece or two of soft leather furniture. Leather couches, chairs, and stools work well in living rooms, dens, and reading nooks. In order to keep leather furniture looking its best, it needs to be conditioned approximately every six months.

Consult With an Interior Designer

If you aren’t happy with your home furnishings and decor, it may be time to consult with an interior designer. According to recommendations by interior designers, it’s a good practice to update rooms between every five to ten years. Since you want your home to reflect your personal lifestyle, personality, and taste, you want to have just the right furnishings, lighting, and decor.

When you enjoy rustic furniture with a simple design, you may want to consider the Mission Style. This furniture was designed by Joseph McHugh, who was a New York furniture maker during the late 19th century. In addition to Mission bedroom furniture and Mission style living room furniture, you may want to add a Mission lamp to your computer desk, side, and end tables. A Mission lamp will also work well on dressers and other surfaces. Once you consult with an interior designer and decorate your home with new furnishings, just imagine how much more inviting it will be!