4 Secrets to Using Decorative Light Fixtures That Work

Every year homeowners spend $10 billion on interior design. One of the things you can rely on as a homeowner to inject personality into your home is decorative lighting. Statement lighting fixtures are likened to jewelry for the house because they help make your home stand out with definitive forms while still lighting the space.

For you to achieve the best results when decorating your home, you need to know how to pick the right kind of fixture for each situation. Keep reading for pointers on how you can successfully beautify your home using light fixtures.

1. Be Unconventional

When coming up with killer ideas for decorating your home, it pays to think outside the box. Yes, there are traditional ways you can use designer lighting fixtures like a grand chandelier in the dining room. But, would it not be more effective if you could figure out ways to use decorative light fixtures in ways others don’t expect?

For example, what would you think if you strode into the bathroom and found an exquisite chandelier or a beautiful pendant? There is no doubt that it would heighten the visual impact of the room’s decor.

There are no rules on where you can or can’t use decorative light fixtures. Just be sure to factor in the lighting needs of the particular room to balance aesthetics with utility. Thus, if you do go for a statement chandelier or pendant in a bathroom or kitchen, for example, you have to add task lighting.

2. Balance Form and Functionality

The objective behind the interior design strategy for your home is to create a unified style language that blends as you go through each room. In your quest to attain this goal, you should keep in mind that you still need to have your lighting work. Thus, with every light fixture that you select you must ask yourself whether the architecture impedes its function.

For example, if you were to pick a pendant with darker shades, it would transmit the light both downwards and up. However, a pendant with a lighter shade lets light seep through and directs it outwards. Each of these pendant fixtures can still add beauty depending on the room it is in.

3. Play Around with Texture

Stylish light fixtures offer you a wide range of possibilities to sample when decorating your home. One area where these possibilities make for a stunning effect is with texture. As you plan for each room’s fixtures, think of how you can use various textures to add another layer of beauty to a space. Not all your light fixtures need to be made out of the same material.

If you are going for a soft feel in the bedroom, for example, using unique fixtures made of feathers will do the trick. Such a fixture will offer a gentler light glow while being a center of attraction. For the environmentally-conscious residential home designer, natural materials like bamboo are an appealing choice. They can help you stand out, make a statement about your mission while still varying the texture in the room.

4. Experiment with Interactive Composition

The style of the light fixture is central in lending beauty to your space, and there are unique ways to leverage it. One of these options is to employ decorative light fixtures comprising of interactive composition to catch the eye. For example, you can use a pendant made out of polished gold or glass on one end and flowers on the other. Interactive composition fixtures will also mean you get more style options to play with for the room.

Get the Right Light Fixtures When Decorating Your Home

Stylish light fixtures help you bring personality and charm to your home. As the space you spend a lot of time in, your house needs to reflect your values and identity. Identify the right kind of statement light fixtures when decorating your home to achieve the perfect balance between beauty and function.