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How Cremation Can Help The Grieving Process

Cremation bracelet

When a loved one passes or is about to pass, it’s those left behind who have to make the difficult decisions about what to do next. Traditional burial used to be the standard for most Americans, but as more people grow concerned about everything from the environment to personal preference, cremation is an increasingly favored option. By 2017, the National Funeral Directors Association anticipates that 56% of deaths will result in cremation, and looking at the facts and options, one can understand why.

Cremation Is More Environmentally Friendly

Each year, American cemeteries bury thousands of tons of steel, hardwood, and embalming fluid. Many of these materials are not bio-degradable, and that is one reason many people wish to be cremated. Americans are growing in awareness of the

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You’ll Never Believe These Tips for Planning the Perfect Wedding

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Let’s face it: planning a wedding is one of the most exciting things a couple can do. Without a good sense of organization and money management, however, this dream day can quickly turn into a large frustration for both individuals.

One of the biggest issues to settle when getting married is looking at places to have a wedding and reception. There are so many factors to consider: indoor or outdoor, religious or not, price etc. It can be a bit overwhelming for any couple. With open communication and focusing your time, however, you and your future spouse can both have a relatively stress free planning experience.

Read on for some tips and tricks for looking into the best places to have a wedding!

How to Plan Your Wedding Without Stressing:

Recent oil prices

Let’s face it: everyone who drives a vehicle in the United States knows that fuel oil costs aren’t cheap. And almost everyone needs oil, whether heating a home or driving a car. In 2013 alone, the use of domestic oil in the United States rose by approximately 400,000 barrels a day — a daily usage of about 18.9 million barrels. And while fuel oil costs have dropped by over $1 from the highest amount in 2014, many individuals still feel their wallets sucked dry.

While you can’t change recent oil prices or the cost of heating with oil
, you can change where you obtain your oil from; helping to save you whatever you can.

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Looking for a California Horse Property? Buy, Don’t Rent!

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Over the last year, prices on home sales went down, while the cost of renting went up. In fact, home loan interest rates have reached historic low percentages, averaging around 4%. Renters also understand that they can be kicked out of their home at any point, if their landlord decides to sell, while homeowners have much more security. If you have been contemplating switching from renting to owning a home, there is no better time than today. Take advantage of the great market rates and invest in your dream California horse property.

If you’ve always dreamed of owning a horse property or real estate where you can also own a horse, here are some FAQs that may help you.

What is a California Horse Property?
A California horse property is a property in Califo

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3 Clear Benefits To Private School

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If you’re a parent, chances are you started to wrestle with the all important question of public vs. private schools. We understand that not everyone is financially able to send their children to private schools, and fortunately, the U.S. boasts fairly serviceable public options. That being said, we believe there are significant benefits to sending your children to private school, and we are not alone. Private schools serve more than 5 million children country wide and make up 10% of the grade school student body. If you have the means, consider the three boons of private schools detailed below:

1. More Individualized A

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How Can You Help Charity Organizations and People in Need? Learn the 5 W’s of Donating

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According to research estimates, around 70% of Americans give to charity at least once annually. What may hold some people back from giving more — or even giving at all — may be that they aren’t quite sure exactly how to give to others. Not only do they not know where and when to bring their donations to charities, but they might be unsure of what to give and to whom they should donate.

If these issues are standing in the way of your philanthropy, you don’t have to let it any more. Here are the five W’s of donating to charity to help you determine who gets a donation, what to donate, and where and when to give it, in addition to tell you why you should give:

  • Who: When choosing to donate to a charity, considering the cause you want to support is just as important as dete

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