Looking for a California Horse Property? Buy, Don’t Rent!

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Over the last year, prices on home sales went down, while the cost of renting went up. In fact, home loan interest rates have reached historic low percentages, averaging around 4%. Renters also understand that they can be kicked out of their home at any point, if their landlord decides to sell, while homeowners have much more security. If you have been contemplating switching from renting to owning a home, there is no better time than today. Take advantage of the great market rates and invest in your dream California horse property.

If you’ve always dreamed of owning a horse property or real estate where you can also own a horse, here are some FAQs that may help you.

What is a California Horse Property?
A California horse property is a property in California surrounded by a community of other horse owners who all share a space that can be used for horseback riding. Some have trails and tracks and others are open fields for riding and training.

Are Horse Properties Affordable?
With the right real estate agent and current low home prices, horse properties are more affordable than ever before. If you’re interested in horse properties, your local agent can give you more details on current offers.

What are the Benefits of Having a Horse Property?
If you already own a horse, a horse property will allow your to better take care of your pet. With quality grass and tracks to run on, your horse will get plenty of exercise and be allowed a wide space to graze or relax in. Best of all, since horses are social creatures, your horse will be able to socialize with other owner’s horses, which can dramatically improve the quality of your pet’s life.

A California horse property is a very special plot of land that horse lovers will relish for years. If you have been considering buying a horse property, talk to a local real estate agent today.