How Cremation Can Help The Grieving Process

Cremation braceletDeath is an inevitable part of life. Just about everyone experiences the loss of a loved one at one point or another. The grieving process can be hard and moving on is far easier said than done. If you’ve lost someone, seeking grief counseling is wise. Professional guidance can help people heal.

You may also need to arrange burial or cremation services. Scheduling and holding funerals and wakes can help people recover from their loss. The pain won’t evaporate, but funerals can encourage and support healing for you and your family. These days, cremation is a popular alternative to burial.

People often have questions when it comes to cremation. For example, do they give you all the ashes after cremation? The answer is yes, if you chose a reputable first cremation services company, you should get all of the ashes.

Wondering about the cremation timeline? By speaking with an expert or researching a cremation website, you may be able to find the answer. Usually, cremation services can work with you to find an acceptable timeline.

Grieving is hard and there’s no easy solution for healing the pain. Proper funeral and cremation services are an important step, however, in the long process of healing.

When a loved one passes or is about to pass, it’s those left behind who have to make the difficult decisions about what to do next. Traditional burial used to be the standard for most Americans, but as more people grow concerned about everything from the environment to personal preference, cremation is an increasingly favored option. By 2017, the National Funeral Directors Association anticipates that 56% of deaths will result in cremation, and looking at the facts and options, one can understand why.

Cremation Is More Environmentally Friendly

Each year, American cemeteries bury thousands of tons of steel, hardwood, and embalming fluid. Many of these materials are not bio-degradable, and that is one reason many people wish to be cremated. Americans are growing in awareness of the environmental footprint they leave behind and knowing that they’re doing less damage to the natural world gives much peace of mind. There are even biodegradable cremation urns available.

The Spiritual And Cultural Element

Many Americans descend from a culture or practice a religion that advocates cremation. While burial is more “traditionally” American, people should not feel that they have to forsake their culture to do what they perceive is the “norm”. In fact, cremation is much older than people think, with ceramic art including keepsakes for ashes dating back to 26,000 B.C.

Keepsakes For Ashes Are Convenient Comforts

Sometimes, the survivors of a loved one wish to keep a part of them close, which is why cremation urns for ashes are so popular. The average companion urn is only 400 cub inches in size, allowing you to go through the grieving process at your own pace. Many consider urns a more personal way to honor the dead.

Memorial Keepsakes Can Be Very Personalized

Keepsakes for ashes are not limited to urns; in today’s world, different options are offered that can better commemorate your loved one’s personality. Ash necklaces or an ash pendant are now offered to those who wish to honor the departed through jewelry, which is especially personal if the person who passed was fond of such things during life. They also make unique sympathy gifts if a friend or relative has recently lost someone close to them and has chosen cremation. This jewelry keeps only a tiny amount of ash, and as such can be worn long after the rest of the ashes have been scattered.

The Choices Are Unlimited

The grieving process is different for everyone, and there is no “proper” way to cope with the death of a loved one. Do what you think is right and what best honors the wishes of the departed. Each choice is another step towards acceptance.