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How to Tell Which Things to Toss, Sell, or Donate

Donation pick up

Charitable donations feel good–no doubt about it. When you donate clothes, food, medical supplies, and any other kind of goods, you can’t help but feel a sense of pride and good will. What’s more, donating clothes keeps them out of landfills where they take up precious space. You not only help those less fortunate, you help the Earth!

While the benefits of contributing to veterans clothing donations are clear, it can be difficult to decide what to keep, what to donate, and what to just throw away. Here’s a few tips to help you figure out what you can contribute to veterans clothing donat

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How To Shop For Log Cabin Style Furniture

Rustic cedar log furniture

The United States of America has long had a love affair with log cabins, starting in the 17th century when their simple requirements for tools and materials marked them as an easy method of building reliable shelter. For this reason, log cabins flourished, with locals often working together to build the homes. However, as time went on, log cabins changed with the times: in 1862, the Homestead Act required that all dwellings be built to be at least ten by twelve feet and have at least one glass window. This stipulation, placed on a law that gave Americans the opportunity to obtain and farm open land, forever changed the design of the log cabin but had no impact on its popularity and cultural influence: just look at Lincoln Logs, the children’s toy created by the son of architect Frank Lloyd Wright, w

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Why Your Tap Water Tastes Awful

Countertop water filter system

The typical American household uses an estimated average of 69.3 gallons of tap water daily. According to the All About Water Organization, There are an estimated 2,100 different tap water contaminants that may be present in your drinking water at any time. The good news? Water filters remove contaminants such as VOCs that could be detrimental to an individuals health.

One of the most significant advantages of water purification is that they enhance the taste of water due to the fact that chlorine and other hazardous chemicals have been removed by the filter prior to consumption .

Does your tap water have a funky taste? There are a few different types of water filters to choose from in order to achieve purer tasting tap water. The first is the pitcher filtration system. Made popular by compan

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The Benefits of Amish Sheds and Pavilions

Custom dog kennels

Did you know that despite being around for centuries, Amish furniture did not gain widespread popularity until the 1920s? Amish furniture has since become popular because there are a wide variety of wood types and furniture styles to choose from. Amish built sheds and pavilions, for example, are two common Amish creations that are beneficial in their own ways.

1. Sheds. Sheds are relatively simple structures, and they are used to store numerous outdoor items. Tools and hardware, for example, are commonly placed in sheds. Sheds can even be used as workshops when they are built to be large enough. Since sheds are accommodating enclosures to have, Amish shed kits can be obtained. Amish storage shed

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How Your Spring Cleaning Impacts our Veterans

Clothes donations

An estimated 90% of clothing and textiles thrown out in the U.S. during 2011 could have been recycled or reused. It’s almost spring time, which means it’s about that time to start the spring cleaning process. Do you have clothes that you no longer wear? If so, you should consider local donation pick ups. Read on for the top 3 reasons how local donation pick ups can benefit your life.

Help Yourself – Clearing out your winter clutter and getting rid of things that you no longer use is an important step to organization, routine, and overall well-being. Did you know if you make a charitable donation to local donation pickups, Read More

How to Find an Apartment You’ll Love

Apartment hunting tips

Are you considering making a move to apartment living? Read on for apartment hunting tips to even the smallest of your apartment hunting questions.

  1. Create an Apartment Hunting Checklist – What are you looking for in an apartment? Off-street parking? A washer and dryer? one bedroom apartments? Create a list of all that you are looking for in an apartment. This will help you to narrow the pool, and make the process less overwhelming.
  2. Negotiate a Long Term Lease Houzz recommends that apartment hunters negotiate a long-term lease if they find an apartment that they would like to live in long term. This saves you money in the long run, as most
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The Benefits of Sleeping on an Adjustable Bed

Getting better sleep

The National Sleep Foundation recommends that individuals take short naps no longer than 10 to 20 minutes in order to remain well rested throughout the day. However, the vast majority of people cannot do that, as their daily schedule does not allow for regular short naps. With that said, many people struggle to get a good night of sleep every night. For those people, an adjustable bed could be a suitable solution.

There are many different kinds of adjustable beds, from king adjustable beds to dual adjustable beds. Sleeping on an adjustable bed is one of the best natural ways to sleep better, and can usually help alleviate any and all problems sleeping at night.

Importantly, a flat, horizontal mattress

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Three Benefits of Working with Discount Brokers

Pasadena mls realtor

When looking for a new home, most people want to save money any way they can. What they don’t know is that there are discount real estate brokers out there who offer discounted prices for discounted services. This simply means that for a cheaper price discount brokers will offer some of their services without spending a lot of their time and money on your interests.

When the market’s hot, you don’t need a full service agent–discount real estate agents are more than enough. Of course, if the market’s hot, why use discount brokers at all? If you’re wondering about that, then allow me to e

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Current Trends in American Weddings

Miami ballrooms

It may be surprising that many young couples are still going for the old fashioned engagement and making wedding plans. 74% of first time brides still recevie a diamond ring
when proposed to. Women are still expected to take on the groom’s last name–at least 70% of Americans believe they should. About 18% of U.S. weddings are still black tie affairs, though wedding planners and wedding packages offer more variety in wedding locations, event venues, and types of wedding than ever before. Many couples opt for all inclusive event packages and expect the friends and family on their wedding list to join them for an exotic beach wedding in Florida, or other sunshine destinations.

There are no such things as cheap weddings, but getting married Florida is a good place for a destination wedding.

Five Natural Ways to Sleep Better at Night

Promote good health

We’re a busy society, and in order to stay busy, we are always looking for ways to get a good night sleeping soundly. Sometimes this can be as simple as changing some of our eating and exercise habits. Other times, if pain slows us down, we might need to consider other options, such as purchasing a new bed. Here are some tips that promote good health and are natural ways to sleep better at night.

1. If you’re able to, make sure to exercise consistently. This could be anything from going for a walk to playing a team sport. Even lower impact methods such as gentle yoga or other relaxation techniques can help you sleep better. Getting some physical activity during the day can make your body tir

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