Current Trends in American Weddings

Miami ballrooms

It may be surprising that many young couples are still going for the old fashioned engagement and making wedding plans. 74% of first time brides still recevie a diamond ring
when proposed to. Women are still expected to take on the groom’s last name–at least 70% of Americans believe they should. About 18% of U.S. weddings are still black tie affairs, though wedding planners and wedding packages offer more variety in wedding locations, event venues, and types of wedding than ever before. Many couples opt for all inclusive event packages and expect the friends and family on their wedding list to join them for an exotic beach wedding in Florida, or other sunshine destinations.

There are no such things as cheap weddings, but getting married Florida is a good place for a destination wedding. Some of the best banquet halls in Miami include excellent catering for events and offer reasonable Miami wedding packages. You might try banquet halls in Coral Gable or Orlando if you prefer country wedding venues. Ballrooms are lovely places to get married, especially if you love to dance, an can make cheap banquet halls if you are on a tight budget.

With all the variety in wedding plans and styles, it is interesting to note that wedding fashion has not changed that much. In spite of the fact that many wedding plans aim for a less formal affair than in the past, only one out of five brides use the color purple in their ceremonies and wedding receptions. Most weddings still take place in the popular month of June.

Making wedding plans can be overwhelming, especially if are thinking about getting married in Florida and you do not live there. There are plenty of wedding event planners in Miami who would know more about wedding packages in Florida, and that goes for weddings in Orlando, or any other wedding sites. A wedding planning guide can help a great deal with your wedding plans, but many people hire a wedding planner do do what wedding planners do; to synchronize all the details of your wedding plans to make your wedding the day your dreams come true.