How To Shop For Log Cabin Style Furniture

Rustic cedar log furniture

The United States of America has long had a love affair with log cabins, starting in the 17th century when their simple requirements for tools and materials marked them as an easy method of building reliable shelter. For this reason, log cabins flourished, with locals often working together to build the homes. However, as time went on, log cabins changed with the times: in 1862, the Homestead Act required that all dwellings be built to be at least ten by twelve feet and have at least one glass window. This stipulation, placed on a law that gave Americans the opportunity to obtain and farm open land, forever changed the design of the log cabin but had no impact on its popularity and cultural influence: just look at Lincoln Logs, the children’s toy created by the son of architect Frank Lloyd Wright, which are still popular today.

Today, not everyone can live in a log cabin. But if you love the look of log cabin style furniture, from log beds to outdoor furniture and accessories, you can get the look no matter where you live! To find the log cabin style furniture of your dreams, follow these simple tips:

First, consider your materials:
The best part about log cabin style furniture is that rustic decor allows you to experiment with different types of materials for your rustic decor. If you know that you only want to use pine wood, by all means, start looking for pine furniture manufacturers; that’s a great way to get the rustic furniture look. But if you aren’t so sure, feel free to look at pairing a cedar log bed with hickory log furniture, or a rustic walnut table with aspen furniture. But don’t limit yourself to wood! Wrought iron decorations and antler furniture decor can also add a nice touch to your rustic home furnishings.

Second, think about how you want to incorporate your details:
Don’t stop at log cabin style furniture when going after that log cabin look! Look for rustic home accessories as well. You have the option of everything from decorative electrical outlet covers to rustic cabinet knobs to really integrate the log cabin look into your home.

Third, think about where you want to apply your log cabin look:
Do you want to use your log cabin furniture and decor inside, with rustic living room furniture sets? Or are you looking for some outdoor decor? Remember, log cabin furnishings come in outdoor rustic furniture and outdoor patio decor as well as indoor furniture. After all, what is more timeless than a traditional Adirondack chair in your yard or on your patio? Those looking for a simpler look especially will love outdoor rustic furniture.

Fourth, look for quality rustic furniture that won’t break the bank:
Everyone wants premium cabin furniture, the pieces that will last years. But no one wants to overpay for quality either. To get the most for your money, research online for log furniture retailers. By searching before shopping, you will find a wide variety of rustic decor and accessories and will be able to best judge quality for price.

Are you interested in the log cabin look? Looking for log cabin style furniture? Tell us about your search and style ideas in the comments!