Why Your Tap Water Tastes Awful

Countertop water filter system

The typical American household uses an estimated average of 69.3 gallons of tap water daily. According to the All About Water Organization, There are an estimated 2,100 different tap water contaminants that may be present in your drinking water at any time. The good news? Water filters remove contaminants such as VOCs that could be detrimental to an individuals health.

One of the most significant advantages of water purification is that they enhance the taste of water due to the fact that chlorine and other hazardous chemicals have been removed by the filter prior to consumption .

Does your tap water have a funky taste? There are a few different types of water filters to choose from in order to achieve purer tasting tap water. The first is the pitcher filtration system. Made popular by companies like Brita and PUR, pitcher filtration systems are easy to use and effective. You simply fill the pitcher from your tap, and water filters placed inside the pitcher filter for you. These drinking water filtration systems are the easiest to use and least invasive.

Tap filtration systems are the next level up, and physically attach to your tap. Most are made as a three-level system composed of a sediment filter, a KDF filter and an activated carbon filter. For most households, a tap filter will be more than sufficient to meet drinking and cooking needs.

There are also options for a whole home filtration which is designed for homes whose water is not cleanly enough to bathe or cook with.

You can find filtration systems both in store and online, for relatively inexpensive prices. Decide what type of system works best for you, by determining water quality, as well as budget. More: brondell.com