How to Find an Apartment You’ll Love

Apartment hunting tips

Are you considering making a move to apartment living? Read on for apartment hunting tips to even the smallest of your apartment hunting questions.

  1. Create an Apartment Hunting Checklist – What are you looking for in an apartment? Off-street parking? A washer and dryer? one bedroom apartments? Create a list of all that you are looking for in an apartment. This will help you to narrow the pool, and make the process less overwhelming.
  2. Negotiate a Long Term Lease Houzz recommends that apartment hunters negotiate a long-term lease if they find an apartment that they would like to live in long term. This saves you money in the long run, as most local apartments for rent force you to pay a fee if you extend your contract.
  3. Create a list of apartment hunting questions – This tip is important for the viewing process. Houzz recommends that apartment hunters have their deposit ready, and all the information on hand to fill out applications and paperwork before apartment hunting. Come armed with questions, and write down the answers. This will help you to remember the pros and cons of each of the apartments you visit. Houzz also recommends that apartment hunters look for mold, mildew, and serious damage to an apartment before signing a lease. Add mildew or pest problems to your list of apartment hunting questions as well
  4. Stay Organized for Your Move – Houzz recommends that apartment hunters think about the amount of furniture they have, and whether it will reasonably fit in their potential apartment or not. If you are shifting from a home to apartment living, it is often necessary to downsize your belongings. Organize belongings into a pile of need versus don’t need. Donate the rest! This will help you to stay organized and keep your new apartment clutter free.
  5. Be sure to remain organized by creating a an apartment hunting questions list of what you are looking for, apartment history, and lease info. Arming yourself with the proper apartment hunting questions and tips will ensure a successful move into an apartment that truly makes you happy.

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