Why, How, and How Not to Hire a Nanny

Nanny services

The benefits of hiring a nanny are going to be different for every family, and some families may ultimately decide that their childcare issues require a different solution, but it is hard to deny that having a great nanny would make life easier for most families. Nanny services could include everything from watching the children, to preparing them meals, driving them to and from school and activities, and helping with homework. If you are considering hiring a nanny, then here are three important things to remember in your search.

  • What exactly are the benefits of hiring a nanny?
  • It is important to first understand the benefits of hiring a nanny so that you can determine if it is the right move for you. Hiring a nanny is usually the preferred choice for child care because it offers flexible scheduling, a familiar setting for your children, and the ability for your children to get more attention, as opposed to a daycare situation. Children with special needs, and parents with crazy schedules will likely receive the most benefit from having a nanny.

  • How to hire a nanny.
  • Hiring a nanny is in some ways like hiring an employee, but with higher stakes. You want to be sure to choose someone who is a good fit with the children, meets your requirements, and also works well with you. The best nanny agencies tend to have the most experienced nannies on their rosters. Going to a nanny agency is also an ideal way to go about hiring a nanny because you can be sure that the important background checks have been done for you. Making sure that the nanny is who they say they are, has a good driving history, no criminal record, and verified references are all tasks that you may not have the time to fully carry out. Also, by using an agency, you have someone to turn to if there is an issue with your nanny, rather than starting from square one.

  • Biggest nanny hiring mistakes.

  • In your nanny
    search, whether doing it independently or through an agency, the biggest mistakes you can make center around several things. Not doing any screenings for criminal history and reference verification, and not having an employment agreement are two that could land you with an inexperienced and unqualified nanny that has no obligation to you if things go wrong. Having unrealistic expectations and ignoring red flags could result in a situation where your nanny is there one day, and then gone the next, and you have no idea why.

When you do find the perfect nanny, remember to make sure that they are CPR and First Aid certified, and to provide them with a proper orientation so that they can be comfortable moving through your home and fully caring for your kids. Look to avoid hiring mistakes, and use a nanny agency if you want to be sure that you have hired an experienced nanny and can get the best care possible for your children. Continue.