The Top Three Garden Design Trends of 2014

Landscape trees and shrubs

Gardening and landscaping can increase the value of your home, save you money, and encourage you to spend more time in the great outdoors. Garden design, moreover, is in vogue. From planting sustainable trees and shrubs and edibles to infusing gardens with bold colors, breathing new life into your garden and the outdoor spaces surrounding your home is trending in 2014.

Never Mow Your Lawn Again!

Planting the right plants and shrubs can save you the trouble of constant mowing. “Several folks are turning over their grass patches for drought-tolerant flowers in an attempt to minimize water and eliminate fertilizing,” Better Homes and Gardens explains. “Oh! — and, of course, to create a gorgeous, neighbor-envying garden, too!” Favor blooms that require little maintenance and attract pollinators, such as sweat peas and sunflowers, according to

Eat and Drink Your Garden

Edible landscapes are especially popular right now. Homeowners are saving a considerable amount of money — and countless trips to the store — by growing their own edible fruits and vegetables. Cultivators and nurseries are even making it easier to do — by growing and selling dwarf plant seedlings. Dwarf plants enable homeowners with limited space to grow typically large, voluminous plants (such as blueberries) in confined spaces. Homeowners are growing rare and/or expensive plants — like quinoa — and ingredients for healthy smoothies, such as strawberries, spinach, and kale.

It’s The Year of the Orchid

“Pantone named Radiant Orchid the color of the year. Expect to see it in everything from garden gloves to the tabletop,” HGTV explains. Gardening enthusiasts are taking the color literally and giving landscapes a bright color pop with fresh orchids. Others are taking greater liberties and simply planting flowers with purple and fuchsia blooms.

Today’s garden design is not merely compelling or aesthetically pleasing — it’s also practical. A growing number of Americans are favoring gardens and landscapes with sustainable plants that slash mowing, fertilizing, and watering costs. Similarly, many are saving a trip to the store by growing their own fresh fruits and vegetables. Links like this: