The Right Steps for Renting a Party Tent and Tables

A number of parties, gatherings, and other events can be hosted not only in restaurant private rooms or in a convention center, but in a large party tent. Such tents are easy to rent, and once party tent rentals are done, event organizers can set up all the tables and chairs, and add other accessories for comfort or decoration. In a park, for example, the party’s organizers can get party tent rentals for an outdoor wedding, a large birthday party, a charity event, or anything else that they choose. Still, event rentals should be done in the right order, and party tent rentals actually come last, done after lien rentals and table rentals are done. In this way, the renting party can make sure everything is done right, and not waste any money or space.

Party Prep: Tables and Chairs

It is generally not a good idea to start with party tent rentals, since the party may accidentally rent a tent that is too large (a waste of money and space) or a tent that is too small to fit everyone inside. Instead, it is best to finalize the guest list, and consult it to see how many people will be attending. Some events might have as few as 50 guests or so, and others might have 300 or more. Once the head count is set in stone, the renters may begin with table and chair rentals, and visit local rental companies that offer such hardware.

What sort of tables should be rented? For the most part, this is a matter of personal preference, and tables can be round, square, oval-shaped, or very long, like a banquet table. They may be made of metal or wood, and some tables can seat more people than others. The renters can choose the type and number of tables that suit their preference and the number of guests, then rent enough chairs for them all, too.

Don’t forget the linens, either. Once the tables are rented, the party’s organizers can visit different companies to rent the desired linens to drape across the tables. The number and size of tables is a vital reference for this, and as for the linen color and fabric type, that’s a matter of preference. Some may be cotton or silk, or have patterns on them or be a plain, solid color. Padding for chairs can also be rented, if desired.

Square Footage and the Tent

It is not yet time for party tent rentals; instead, it is now time to calculate the total square footage necessary. This number should not be estimated; instead, it can be calculated by adding together all the space needed for the tables and chairs. Of course, enough room should be set up for people to walk between the tables, and there should be room for people to slide those chairs in and out comfortably. Adding up all of this can determine the total square footage for party tent rentals.

The event’s organizers can now look up and visit local tent rental companies, and look over the available tents in person. This is a fine chance to consult the staff about different tent models found there, and check a tent for problems such as rips, holes, stains, or more. Once a tent of the desired size and color is chose, it can be taken to the party site on the day of the event, and set up. Not only that, but a tent may have all kinds of accessories and features added, such as fabric walls with plastic windows for a more formal, indoor look (and for privacy, if desired). During warm or cool weather, heater or air conditioner units can be placed in the tent’s walls for climate control, and a tent can also have dance floors added underfoot rather than the bare ground. Lights, such as strings of lights, can be set up on the tent’s support structure for decor and light lighting, and the same can be done for a sound system, too. All this can make for a great evening of dancing and partying in the tent.