The Importance Of The Upkeep Of Your Yard

The quality of the yard is an important thing for the vast majority of people in the United States. After all, three fourths of said people (around seventy five percent, to be more exact) think that it’s very important to spend time in your outdoor spaces (for most people, their yards). Of course, taking good care of your yard is likely to improve your enjoyment of your yard as well.

Improving the quality of your yard will do more than just improve your enjoyment of said space – it can actually improve the overall market value of your home by very nearly fifteen percent. Simply investing as little as five percent of your home’s current value into the upkeep and renovation of your outdoor spaces can have a return on investment by an astonishing amount, as much as one hundred and fifty percent, a large sum of money by anyone’s standards. In fact, the effects of updating and upgrading your outdoor spaces, including your lawn, can be so powerful that as many as ninety percent of all realtors and real estate agents will advise their clients to upgrade their landscaping before the home is ever even put on the market.

When you’re brainstorming landscape design ideas, consider visiting a local nursery center and adding some plant life to your yard. Visiting a local nursery center will give you a good idea of what plants will be native to your region, as more than ninety percent of all people will be interested in adding only plants that are native to the area, as this will increase the likelihood that they will thrive and grow well (and will often require less upkeep than a plant that is not native, at that). Garden nurseries and the typical nursery center can provide you with all of the information that you could ever want to know about any given native plant, even down to how you should care for it and how frequently, important information for the novice gardener.

On top of this, visiting a nursery center and planting some flowers (and even vegetables and fruits) is something that nearly everyone can do on their own. In fact, gardening is actually a hugely popular hobby here in the United States, with food gardening and flower gardening at the top of the list and more than ninety million households participating in at least one gardening activity each and every year in the United States alone. Around one third of all households grow various types of vegetables, plants that can be aesthetically pleasing as well as useful, as many families will ultimately save money (and be kind to the environment) by growing their own food. In total, more than five and half billion dollars will be spent per year on such gardening expenditures, from flower gardening (on which more than two and a half billion dollars are spent on a yearly basis) to vegetable gardening (on which more than three and a half billion dollars are spent in that same amount of time).

If you visit a nursery center and realize that you have the space for it, you should consider the purchase of trees for your outdoor spaces. Trees can be useful on a number of different levels. For one, they look great once they have grown up a bit, providing an essential pop of green to any given space. They are also great shade providers and can even lower the energy costs that you spend on air conditioning every summer, as they will keep your home cooler than it otherwise would have been. Finally, they block out noise from the neighbors and busy streets, providing you with privacy as well as with what is likely some much needed peace and quiet. Trees are essential to this world, and they just might very well be essential to your yard too.

Visiting a nursery center can provide you with a wide array of options, a wider array than you could have ever imagined, but it is important to ask questions while you are at the nursery center, as this will provide you with the information that you need to make the right choices when it comes to your yard.