Important Considerations When Designing an Outdoor Living Space

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Spring is a common season for landscaping. Your lawn and garden probably takes a hard hit during the winter months, especially if you live in an area of the country with heavy snowfall. Once the snow melts, you are left with dried gardens and lawns. You are left with a lawn that requires spring cleanup services and a new landscape design. This spring, prepare your landscaping with these design tips.

Entertainment possibilities
Some homeowners make the mistake of creating their landscaping design around curb appeal alone. Although curb appeal is important, it is not everything. You also want to create a yard that allows you to relax and entertain in it. Over half of homeowners who are upgrading their outdoor spaces spend six or more hours there per week (51%). Relaxing, gardening, and entertaining are the top three uses of the space.

It can be helpful to first decide which use is most beneficial for you. If you will mostly use your outdoor space to relax, consider installing noise blocking shrubs and trees, along with large privacy bushes or fences. If you are going for a gardening lawn, design something that can consistently be improved upon. If entertaining is most important to you, you will want something that is easy to access, open spaced, and that has a lot of sitting room.

ROI value to your house
Full landscape redesigns can be expensive, especially when you use professional landscaping companies services. However, redesigning the overall landscape design of your outdoor living space can increase the value of your house. Any project that you complete will make your house more appealing to future buyers, and thus, increase the value and equity in your house. Approximately 97% of real estate agents recommended landscaping as a top five home improvement recommendation responding that a homeowner can expect a 215% return on investment.

To achieve the most ROI, select landscaping projects that future buyers will enjoy. A few great examples include installing privacy and noise reduction bushes, increases curb appeal, planting low maintenance gardens, designing an effortless entertaining space, and creating unique cooking landscaping areas. All of these upgrades encourage the buyer to consider the outdoor living space when putting in an offer, usually resulting in a higher offer that is closer or over the asking price.

Low maintenance landscaping
If you create a landscaping design that is too intricate, you may find that it takes too much time to keep it maintained. You limit your outdoor relaxation time, as you constantly have to do outdoor garden and lawn tasks. Instead, consider having a low maintenance outdoor area designed. Currently the average homeowner spends approximately 4 hours per week caring for their lawn. Depending on where you live that is approximately 150 hours (cooler climates) to 208 hours (warmer climates) per year. That is a lot of entertaining and relaxation time you are losing out on!

If you still prefer a landscape design that is extremely detailed and lucrative, consider hiring a lawn or nursey company to care for it. Even if you choose to DIY your outdoor living space with local garden centers supplies, you may still find it beneficial to utilize the services of a professional landscaping company. They will ensure that your outdoor area is always maintained, looks nice, and is prepared for entertainment purposes. For many homeowners, the cost of the landscaping is worth the amount of increased free time.

Creating the perfect landscape design can be difficult if you have little knowledge of the lawn and garden industry. The only things you have to remember when planning your outdoor living area is the purpose you intend to use the area for, the amount of maintenance the design will take, and the return on investment of the project. If you keep these landscaping aspects in mind, you can create the perfect outdoor living space.