History and Providing Elegance to Your Church


Church furniture ranges from various churches. Just like anything, though, the furniture should be replaced after some time.

History of church furniture
For more than 1,000 years church pews were not even common. In fact, what was common was that congregations were able to stand and mingle with others members of the church. From the 1600s and into the mid-1800s, the seating arrangements at several churches consisted of the highest social class sitting closest to the altar. It wasn’t until the 13th century that pews were finally introduced. However, those pews that were introduced were removable stone benches and were placed up against the church walls. Typically, within any type of parish, a local church is usually the oldest building, as well as being larger than any pre-19th-century structure.

Religion Varies Across the Globe
As of 2011, it was revealed that eight out of the ten most religious states in the United States are in the South. The most religious state is Mississippi as 59% of the residents reported they are “very religious.” According to Gallup, 40% of Americans across the nation are very religious, and according to the statements, religion is a critical part of their daily life, and they attend religious services at least once per week or every other week. Gallup also states that 68% of Americans say they attend church occasionally. Americans who are very religious usually have a higher wellbeing than those that are only moderately religious.

Making Your Church Steeple Feel Elegant
While a church usually has a certain “elegant appeal” to it, there’s still ways of adding extra touches. For example, considering adding new churchpews or a new church steeple if the current ones are old and show signs of wear can make the appeal of the church stand out. If cost is an issue, used church pews are a great option and you can find plenty in decent shape for your church. For an extra boost of style, you can even choose from antique church pews. Updating your church steeple can make your church stand out and attract new visitors so you can provide your religious services to new members.