Struggling With Addiction? Here’s What to Do

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Detox is the process of ridding the body of any unwanted or harmful substances. It can be both the most difficult and most rewarding moment in a person’s life. Because this is such an important aspect in anyone’s life who is struggling with alcohol addiction, opiate addiction, methadone addiction, cocaine addiction, or any other substance reliance, it’s essential that you know what to expect.

The first part in the getting healthy process is to fill out a health questionnaire that will help you evaluate your health situation. Because addiction is extremely complicated, and often disguises itself in various ways, taking a step back and honestly looking at your addiction habits can help lead to a successful treatment program. You might think that you only have an addiction to cocaine, for example, but if you look at your daily routine and notice that you only do the drug after drinking alcohol, you might have even more problems that you need to address. That’s why self-evaluation, and honest self-evaluation, is key to any detoxification.

The next thing you should do, after you’ve realized that you certainly do in fact have an addiction to one or more harmful substances, is seek help. Before you seek professional and medical assistance, which is an absolute must, you should first talk to family and friends. Your loved ones might not be able to diagnose you or fully treat your problems, but just having them there in support of you will mean the world. After you’ve talked to your loved ones about your issues, they will most likely encourage you to get professional help and you can begin turning your life around.

Now is time for the actual detoxing to begin. Whoever your crutch is — no matter what — you must abstain from it for you to be cured and healthy again. Close any and all gateways you have if they result in access to whatever substance you’ve been struggling with. If your friends were the ones supplying you, get different friends. If you always bought it at a certain grocery store, go somewhere else. If you are used to a certain bar, try never going to one again. This is going to be the hardest thing you’ve ever done but it will be 100% worth it once you reclaim your life and start to feel healthy again. You’ll wish you never picked up that substance in the first place.