Picking Out the Right Furniture For Your Home

A homeowner can hire contractors and remodeling firms to alter their plumbing or even install new carpets or wooden decks outside, and advantage that they have over Americans who rent their spaces. But both renters and homeowners alike can change their furniture to refresh a home’s look or even change the function of a room, and major life changes such as a new baby or an adult child moving out may influence furniture choices. On top of that, a new rug, desk, lamp, table, or other piece of furniture can change the visual theme of a home, and a home may feel fresh with a new theme. A rug can be like an art piece, for example, or it may be part of a larger Mission-style theme along with a Mission bed frame or a Mission dresser. Bedroom furniture, living room furniture, or even the lighting fixtures may be modified to make a home feel like new, and homeowners can get creative with this. A rug can be easily added or removed from a room, and a rug can be either unassuming or have “pop” to it to add personality to a room. What might a rug look like for an art deco or Mission theme in the house? Or the other furniture?

Americans and Indoor Decor

Remodeling is more advanced work, requiring professionals who can install hardware such as sinks, countertops, and even new windows. But decorations with rugs, tables, lamps, and hanging art can be more easily done by a homeowner on their own, and even renters can do this, since they can’t have the hardware changed in their home. A person may live in a home or apartment for a long time, and they and the other occupants may sometimes feel like refreshing the look. There are statistics to keep track of how often American households are modifying their interior decor, and why. In fact, the professionals have weighed in on this too, and interior designers recommend that a household updates a room’s decor every five to 10 years or so. Many American homeowners are planning to update their home’s decor too, and 48% of them are planning to redecorate their homes in 2018, according to data from a Houzz survey.

There are some particular trends about how homeowners redecorate their homes in terms of furniture, art, and a rug or two. Often, they will redesign a particular room based on a piece of furniture, usually a large one such as a bed or couch. A recent survey confirmed this trend, showing that 60% of respondents would redecorate their living room around a couch. Something similar may be done for a table in a dining room, or a queen-sized bed in a bedroom, for example. Even the basement may be targeted for redecoration, since not every basement is a dark place for storage and spiderwebs. Many homeowners convert their basements into a clean, well-lit, and well-furnished living space for a home entertainment system or a hobby studio. Here too, a couch or table may dictate the redecoration them, even the carpets under one’s feet. The only real difference is that there probably won’t be any windows and thus no window drapes or shades to alter to fit the theme.

Make the Change

The specifics of a home redecoration project will vary widely, but there are some general strategies or ideas to follow. For one, a homeowner may choose to update either one or two rooms, or make the investment of modifying the entire home to fit a new theme. This means getting new furniture, art, and even rugs or carpets to match the new theme, and those with a bigger budget can handle this sort of project. A person may choose a rustic Mission theme, for example, which emphasizes pragmatic wooden furniture with right angles and brass handles and knobs. Or, a homeowner may choose a more spontaneous art deco theme, as another example, which may prove popular among younger homeowners who want more pop in their living space. Millennial homeowners, for example, may prefer a more art-oriented visual theme, especially urban young adults. This can add the personality of youth and fun to a young homeowner’s living space.