One Simple Feature Can Make Your Yard a Luxurious Getaway

Adirondack chairs

Pergolas are beautiful, trellis-like arches that balance simplicity and intricate visuals. You can often find them covering walkways of famous gardens like the Biltmore grounds in North Carolina or your local botanical gardens. These structures are highly versatile, but are not exclusive to the super-rich! Give your home that luxurious garden feel with these different types of pergolas.


We think of gazebos as open tower-like rooms in the middle of the yard, but a pergola can make for a much more casual covered sitting area that is still open to the view around you. You can sit in the sun without suffering the full glare of summertime heat.

That said, it’s not exactly water-tight, so you’ll want to pick out some nice outdoor furniture covers to protect your chairs. If you want real durability, shoot for Amish furniture instead of something pre-fabricated. It’s handmade from solid wood, meant to last the ages. For that matter, ordering Amish pergolas not only supports fantastic craftsmen, but you’ll also be able to customize spectacular detail into your order to make it entirely unique. This goes for pergolas, cupolas, coffee tables, wall cabinets, or even custom sheds.

Green Walkway

Pergolas were made to allow for natural covered walkways. Gorgeous flower tunnels are really as simple as the pergola frame and the plants that like to cling to it. If your garden has a feature, such as a true gazebo, water feature, or floral centerpiece, a pergola-covered walk will naturally draw your guests to the central focus while providing a cool, romantic stroll.


Even the most basic pergolas can add welcoming detail to the entrance of your home or garden. It can provide shade for guests to pause under before entering while creating a friendly dapple of light.

For a garden entrance, a pergola can provide your first statement. A Burst of color heralding the lush rainbow ahead or a sophisticated sprinkling of small blooms that give the impression of a more formal tea garden. This can be the one feature that ties it all together.

One should never forget the trellis function of pergolas, as this can make a gazebo-pergola shady, provide an attractive frame for an entrance, or simply add some much needed dimension to an otherwise flat landscape.

The best vines to use on your pergola of course depend on the climate of your area. Wisteria need lots of sun and support, but they “drip” lovely purple flowers when they bloom and otherwise provide even green shade. Clematis require less maintenance and come in a variety of colors. Honeysuckle flowers are more understated and produce a fragrant scent, especially at dusk.