Make the Most of Your Ibogaine Treatment for Opiate Addiction with These 6 Tips

Adderall addiction treatment

Are you suffering from opiate addiction? It can be really hard to get over this addiction. The ibogaine treatment for opiate addiction is one very effective way to get through the withdrawal period so that you can safely recover from this disease. Here are some things you can do to make sure your experience at your ibogaine clinic is the best possible.

  1. Eat well and stay hydrated. There is no special foods that you should or should not eat before and during your ibogaine treatment for opiate addiction. You should make sure hat you arrive at the ibogaine treatment center well hydrated. You should also eat a diet packed with nutritious foods both before and during your treatment. The process is hard on your body and being malnourished or dehydrated will only make it harder for you.
  2. Focus on your treatment. When you go in for ibogaine treatment for opiate addiction, you need to do all that you can to focus on that. This means not bringing your devices. You need to unplug from social media and from all of that to focus your mind and body on the healing process. You also need to save any tourist trips until after you have completed your treatment. Many ibogaine treatment programs are held in very exotic locations. It is normal to want to see the sights. Plan your trip to the treatment center so that you can enjoy the location after you are done. That can be a gift you give to yourself after you have given yourself the gift of recovery.
  3. Try to keep your thoughts positive. In recovery, there is a saying, “trust the process.” You will have days that are not great. You have to remind yourself when things are bad that that is not a permanent situation. The bad feelings will pass. As long as you trust in that you will have an easier time with your ibogaine treatment for opiate addiction. Keep a gratitude journal. This is a thing you can refer back to when you are having some bad moments. Also, know that the way you feel one day has no impact on the way you will feel the next. Let yourself experience this but do not dwell on the bad feelings.
  4. You cannot force the process, do not try. Recovery from any kind of addiction takes time. This is a process, not a destination and there is nothing you can do to make it go faster. Do not place artificial expectations on where you need to be any time during your recovery. The staff at the clinic will be there to help you through the process but they cannot make it go any faster than it is going to go. If you go into the process knowing that, you will have a much better time with it than if you expect to be able to work harder to make it go quicker.
  5. Bring comfortable clothing. As good as it is, ibogaine treatment for opiate addiction can be uncomfortable. You will be able to make the most of the treatment if you have the most comfortable clothing you have. Do not bring tight clothing. It should be loose fitting. It should be comfortable. Bring layers to deal with temperature changes. Make sure the shoes you bring are also comfortable. This is not a fashion show it is recovery from opiate addiction.
  6. Be a bit selfish. How many times in your life can you stop worrying about everyone else that you know and just pay attention to your own needs? For many of us, the answer is either “never” or “rarely” when you are doing your ibogaine treatment for opiate addiction, you have only one person’s needs to tend to and they are yours. Take advantage of this time to really get to know you and nurture yourself. Enjoy this time.

You need to think about your time at the ibogaine center as the start of an exciting journey. Your opiate addiction did not start overnight and your treatment will take time. Be proud of yourself for taking this important step.