Incredible Features Every Custom Home Needs

Custom homes are a great way to get exactly what you want in a home. They can build your home exactly how you want with all the features that you want. In this video, you will learn about features that every custom home should have.

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The first custom home feature is Tesla roof tiles. These roof tiles look much like traditional roof tiles. However, they have the ability to produce electricity for your house while still looking stylish. This will save money on your electricity bill. Further, you may be able to sell the extra electricity back to the electricity company for profit. In many states, there are special rebates for buying solar panels.

The next feature is underfloor heating. Heated flooring feels heavenly in the winter. You will no longer have to worry about cold toes. All year round, you will have a nice toasty floor. This feature is a must in northern climates.

Lastly, you should certainly but a smart home security system. These systems are easy to set up and provide you with the peace of mind that you need with your new home. Anytime someone comes up to your door, you can be notified by your phone. Further, you can choose to record or even talk to the visitor from your phone. This is a great way to combat those pesky porch pirates.