Here’s How a Mission Style Dining Table Will Elevate Your Home

If you’re about to redecorate your home (which designers recommend doing every five to ten years), one area you definitely want to get right is the dining room. The dining room is where loved ones gather, where holiday feasts are celebrated, and where you make so many of your memories. You deserve a dining table that will wear beautifully and will never go out of style.

Trying to follow home decor trends can be like chasing an ever-changing wind. Sometimes, however, trends manage to hit upon something of real quality. 2019 saw a resurgence in the popularity of Arts and Crafts style furniture, and for good reason: It’s an elegant and timeless classic. Arts and Crafts furniture, also known as Craftsman or Mission furniture, was born in the late 19th century, and celebrates the beauty of natural simplicity. Known for it’s warm, inviting colors, and geometric shapes, Mission style furniture is focused on quality and real beauty.

You may, in fact, already own some Mission style bedroom furniture or some gorgeous Stickley rugs, without even knowing that’s what they are. Such pieces do not scream to be noticed. Rather, they exude an effortless luxury as well as comfort.

If you visit a Mission furniture store to look for a dining table, you will see wood, typically dark oak, featured prominently. Craftsman pieces are an ode to the perfection of nature, and wood was commonly used and celebrated by the founders of the movement. Another thing you’ll likely notice is the use of straight lines and edges, absent of fussy carvings or curves. The wood is often minimally treated, so as to highlight the natural wood grain.

When choosing a dining table in this style, focus on pieces that are large and heavy enough to anchor a room. A very small dining table doesn’t carry a lot of visual weight, and will look afloat in your otherwise beautiful room. In contrast, a robust statement piece draws the room together. As you plan the design of the space, you may consider incorporating lushly decorated Mission style fabrics and rugs, or some stained glass as an accent piece. Because the dining table itself is simple, you can accent it by playing with colors and textures.

Now that you know what to look for, you’re likely to see Craftsman furnishings all around you. You don’t need every piece you buy to be in this style; in fact, it’s not recommended. A few strong pieces of excellent quality are all you really need to bring warmth and natural beauty into your home.