6 Things Every Adult Needs In Their Bedrooms

When we first moved out of our parents homes any furniture was free game. Bean bag chairs? Excellent! Futons? They’re great for when friends stay over! Leaving your mattress on the floor? It looks fine and is cheaper than buying a bed frame! All of these things are fine when you’re just starting out, but as we grow older it’s time to trade in the college kid furniture for items with a bit more class. Today I’ll be focusing specifically on bedroom furniture sets, because a well put together bedroom can not only help us de-stress, but can aid in a better night sleep over all.

What Every Adult Needs In Their Bedrooms

Gone are the days of floor mattresses, futons, and plastic bedroom dressers on wheels. It’s time to revitalize our bedrooms to reflect the functioning adults that we are.

  • Bed Frame. Between the ages of 18 and 25 a mattress on the floor is acceptable, but after that point it’s time to invest in a bed frame. Don’t think this is simple a grown up style choice either, it can actually prolong the life of your mattress. Box springs are meant to sit above the floor, this allows them to ‘breathe’ and prevent mold from accumulating. A simple metal frame is an easy enough choice, though you can opt for other designs with built in storage space!
  • A Quality Mattress. After spending so much time on the floor, it’s probably high time to invest in a quality mattress. Even the youngest of us can wake up with back pain from a worn out bed. In addition to simply getting rid of unwanted pain, a comfortable mattress can also help alleviate stress, make it easier to fall asleep, and stay asleep. If your mattress is between 7 to 10 years old, it’s definitely time to start saving for a new one.
  • A headboard. While not as necessary as a bed frame, a headboard can still add to the aesthetic appeal. Finding one that matches your bedroom set can help tie the room together and give you a space to feel proud of. You’re parents will be impressed as well!
  • Nightstands. I remember having my alarm clock on the floor next to my bed (which was on the floor) in college, along with an impressive pile of bottles, dishes, and clothes. A nightstand helps keep everything up off the ground, and gives you a place to store your important things without worry of them getting stepped on. (Like your glasses.) A well designed nightstand is not only functional, but can give the room a clean, put together feeling. Some bedroom sets can combine bed frames and nightstands so that they go together cohesively.
  • A Sturdy Dresser. When shopping for bedroom sets, try and find a set that includes a dresser or two. This not only helps tie together a cohesive theme, but gives you a neat organized way to declutter your closet. Dressers also help keep your clothes in good condition, as opposed to crumpled in a bin or stuffed away in one of those plastic storage containers.
  • Rugs. This is especially necessary for those with hardwood or laminate floors. No one wants to climb out of bed and onto the cold floor, a rug saves your feet from this uncomfortable shock. Rugs can also give a creative and colorful slash to any room. If your color scheme is generally neutral, adding a colorful rug can create a focal point that looks both modern and chic.

Bedroom sets are an important part of creating not just a house, but a home. Gone are the days of futons and plastic furniture, and in their place are quality pieces of home decor that will make even the strictest parents proud.