Everything You Should Know About Getting the Perfect Rug

For a mission style home design, the right hand-knotted rug can completely redefine the overall aesthetics of a room. Rugs provide warmth, comfort and add a touch of beauty to the floor where they are placed. Aside from that, they provide a framework in which to place your arts and crafts style furniture giving you the allure of what you want your home to look like.

In a living room, for example, interior designers could advise you that a new rug is what you are supposed to buy before setting up the room. Others will say that your mission style living room furniture should determine the kind of rug you should get. In reality, however, it all comes down to your personal preference. Here is a guide that should help you pick out the best rug for you.

1. Choose the Right Color

The color of the hand-knotted mission rug can set the mood of the room. It could be either casual or formal. Its colors and design act as a foundation for the room’s aesthetics and make it easier to match or complement the color of the walls and hardwood furniture.

A bedroom with a rug that has both color and pattern is an excellent choice as it gives the floor a distinctive artwork to suit your taste and preference. Having one that blends in with your new bedroom furniture is a great way to infuse enhanced aesthetics into the room.

2. Determine the Material Based on Where You Place it

One of the most crucial factors to consider when choosing a hand-knotted rug is the room where it will go. This will help you determine the level of the pile you want on your mission rug. Rug pile refers to the thickness and height of the fiber that makes up the rug.

High-pile fibers made from wool typically offer more comfort and a luxurious feel to the room and are perfect for low-traffic areas and blend well with mission style bedroom furniture. Low-pile fibers, are less cushioned and suitable for high-traffic areas such as the living room and are usually easier to clean.

3. Consider the Size

Most hand-knotted rugs are tailored to fit the customer’s specifications. Ideally, the edges of a rug should maintain a distance of 12-14 inches from the perimeter of the room. That way, the rug can be conspicuous while maintaining a sense of subtlety.

In the living room, a rug should fit under all the key living room furniture pieces. Supposing the rug is brought in to focus attention on a mission style table, it should be wide enough to cover the area beyond the table leaving ample room on each side. This ensures that there is enough room for people to walk on it.

4. Account for the Furniture Placement

Another detail to keep in mind when buying a rug is how to arrange the furniture once you get it. For instance, the hand-knotted rug should be able to completely cover the legs of your mission style bedroom furniture or just the front legs if not at all.

However, if you are using more than one rug in the same room, be sure to match the style of arrangement and positioning of the arts and crafts style furniture and that of the rugs. This will aid in the consistency of aesthetics as well as the blending of the entire set-up.


With all these factors put into consideration, every room could be improved by the addition of a hand-knotted rug. This design element has the incredible ability to turn around the appearance of arts and crafts style furniture in a room. Home improvements like putting in hardwood floors can be well supplemented by getting the perfect high-quality hand-knotted rug.