Give the Gift of Warmth Charitable Clothing Donations

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Though we may not always see the less fortunate, they are all around us. As awful as it is to hear, there are thousands of homeless people in the U.S. and even more who are poverty-stricken. Men, women, and children in all corners of the country lack basic necessities such as food, shelter, and clothing, and must brave the streets with next-to-nothing they can call their own. Charitable organizations play such a crucial role in our society and do fantastic work.

However, charity organizations rely on the public at large to take care of the homeless. It is for this reason why charitable clothing donations are incredibly important to the well-being of those who struggle to find adequate clothing. Donating clothes to the homeless and poor is a genuinely kind, humane act. It is something thousands of people in the U.S. depend on, too.

Unfortunately for them, those that can afford to give the most charitable donations are the least likely to donate anything. In 2013, corporate donations made up only 5% of all charitable giving. Organizations that have the most to give, it seems, are unwilling to give much of anything. Compare that to the education sector, which donated 16%, and individuals, who donated an astonishing 72%. Though all donations are welcome and much appreciated, sometimes these donations simply aren’t enough to help all those in need.

Still, there is hope. By donating your used, discarded clothing, you can truly make a difference in helping families in need. Charitable clothing donations can be made to a wide variety of charitable and non-profit organizations. You can even have your clothing pick up from your very own doorstep! Nearly all of us have discarded clothes we no longer wear or want. By donating them to charity, you can put them to good use and provide warmth and comfort to those who need as much of it as they can get. Read this website for more information.