Four Types of Household Donations You Should Consider Giving to Charity

Charitable clothing donations

Each year in the United States, approximately 70% of American adults give to charity at least once. But imagine if everyone gave something — how much more could U.S. citizens do to help community members, stop pollution, and provide support for local charity programs? If you’re looking for ways to help out others near you, there’s no better way to get involved than to donate household items to charity.

If you’re stumped for what to give, here are a few popular household donations that many charity organizations look for in their communities:

  • Clothing Donations: Did you know that Americans throw out between 12 and 13 million tons of clothing per year? Worse yet is that more than 95% of that clothing could have been salvaged and donated to charity. By donating clothing, you’re not only helping other people in your community get professional workwear, warm winter outerwear, children’s clothing, and other important garments. You’re also helping curb pollution in the U.S. and around the world!
  • Food Donations: Many food banks and soup kitchens look for canned or other long-lasting foods to give to the needy, but they often find that they don’t have as much as they need to serve everyone. If you have extra food in your pantry, think about donating to one of your local charity organizations to help them feed the hungry. These services tend to rely solely on donations, so help them help others.
  • Household Good Donations: Household donations can include anything from small and large kitchen appliances to furniture items and bedding. These household donations are used to help those in need furnish their apartments, which can be a costly expenditure for those who are struggling financially. In addition to these big items, however, disposable household goods are often sought after by shelters and other charities. Think of donating sanitary items, hygiene products, and paper goods next time you gather donations.
  • Toy Donations: While the holidays are the most popular time to give toys to charity, many organizations look for items for children all year round. Donating toys brings a smile to a child’s face, and it also helps parents who are struggling to take care of their kids. Donating toys is easy if you have children who have outgrown some of their old favorites, and you can also make a new purchase to give to area kids, too.

If you’re wondering where to donate household items, there are many charities that look for regular donations throughout the year. Search for churches, non-profits, green charities, and other organizations near you and ask what they need. Want some more suggestions for what to give? Leave a comment below.