Get Effective Treatment with New Convenient Care Model

There are times when it can be hard to tell if a visit to urgent care or a trip to the ER is necessary. Symptoms like breathing difficulties, chest pain, or headaches can have a more simple explanation or could be signs of something serious. However, deciding where to get the most effective treatment doesn’t have to be a complicated choice anymore. With Legacy’s new care model, you can get exactly the treatment you need when you need it.

Merging Urgent Care and ER Services

Legacy has made a big change to how people receive effective treatment by merging urgent care and ER services. This means you can take the “choose” out of the equation and go to one place to get whatever assistance you need. They will see you, treat you, and bill you for either urgent care or ER care depending on your needs.

This is an innovative care model that makes it easier for people to get medical help. Legacy is pioneering this movement and offering patients a new option for health care. There are great benefits to this type of model that make it a wonderful choice for most of your health care needs.

Benefits of This New Model

One of the most obvious benefits of this new care model is that you no longer have to make the choice between urgent care or the ER. No more asking yourself if your symptoms are severe enough to warrant a trip to the emergency room. You can go to one place and get the effective treatment that you need no matter what.

There is also the benefit of convenient billing. Whether it is your insurance that is getting billed or you are taking on the costs yourself, it can all be handled in one place no matter what kind of care you receive. If you go in for urgent care services but end up needing emergency care, all of those charges will come from one place.

Change the Way You Receive Care

With Legacy’s new care model you can change the way that you receive care. The next time that you are sick and wondering where to go, consider looking into a joint ER and urgent care option so that you know you will get the treatment you need.