Clothing Donations How They Help Disabled Veterans and Military Families

Charity clothing pick up

We all know about the brave men and women who have served in the United States military, but many people don’t know how difficult life can be when these individuals come back from active duty. However, there is a way that you can help, and it’s as simple as cleaning out your closets. Giving disabled veterans donations of clothing or other household goods is a fantastic way to help make their lives easier after their sacrifices. Additionally, many of these veterans have families who are in need also, so helping military families with donations is another great thing you can do in your community.

Many people may be unsure just how clothing donations impact wounded veterans charities. Here are just a few of the ways that giving disabled veterans donations of clothing can help:

    1. Direct donations: Whether they’re clothing donations or donations of household goods like furniture and small appliances, many of these items go to military families and veterans directly. These items can also go to their children, which helps families reduce the cost of clothing for growing kids. Some veterans may also be looking for professional clothing to go back to work in, so this is another thing that can be donated.

    2. Thrift store donations: Because so many people donate clothing, it sometimes can’t all be donated directly. In these cases, roughly 20% of donated clothing gets turned over the thrift stores. This clothing is then sold, and the money spent in those stores often benefits charities. This money is then able to go back to the people who need it most.

    3. Clothing recycling: Clothing that can’t be reused or that doesn’t get sold in a thrift store will often end up being recycled instead. Clothing and textiles are the easiest materials to break down, so recycling them is an easy way to save the planet. Of all the clothing that gets thrown out in the U.S. (as much as 12-13 million tons per year), 99% of it is able to be recycled, so this service helps reduce waste significantly. Additionally, recycling companies will sometimes buy clothing from charities, so they in turn give a donation for donations.

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