Charitable Donations and How Giving Helps You

Charitable donations

Some studies indicate that giving something, whether your time, a compliment, or a gift, can improve your mood with something called positive psychology. An easy way to give to others and help yourself is by making a charitable donation, not of money, (though they need that too) but lightly used clothing.

If more people gave away instead of throwing away, landfills would be less full, especially with textiles. It is estimated that in 2006 alone, 2.5 billion pounds of clothing were kept out of landfills by being donated to second-hand shops instead. Some accounts estimate that as much as 90% of the textile waste in landfills is perfectly acceptable for donation and could go towards helping families in need.

Why doesn’t everyone donate? It is likely a matter of convenience. Although 50% of participants in one survey said donation pick up made donating easy, more confessed that driving even 10 minutes out of their way was not worth it. Most places have a designated delivery drop-off location. Many will do a donation pick up, free of charge.

Charitable clothing donations can be tax-deductible. The U.S. has about 1,507,231 charitable donation centers that are tax-deductible. There is likely one near you. It probably even offers donation pick up. Look online to find one, or at least a number to call and find out to save yourself some trouble.

If the immense popularity of certain self-help books espousing the wonders of getting rid of your extra stuff is anything to go by, Americans keep too many belongings. It is likely that someone else in a less fortunate position could benefit from those extra goods, though. You can donate household items such as old dishes, working appliances, and tables and chairs too. It beats paying for waste disposal to come pick it up.

Helping others in this instance is a form of helping yourself. Someone out there could use what you no longer need, and as a result your closet is a bit less cluttered than before. It is a simple act to donate used clothes, but can have a big impact.