How the Sleep Industry is More Awake Than Ever

Therapeutic bed

The sleep industry has fully awoken.

Even just a few years ago, few people were concerned about the amount of sleep they were getting per night. For many, a lack of sleep was simply thought of as a mere inconvenience, and research on the science of sleep was in short supply.

However, with more and more Americans looking for ways to improve the quality of their rest, the industry for items like adjustable beds and sleep aids has grown into a multi-million-dollar industry.

Why is the sleep industry doing so well today, of all times? Here’s a look at just three of the many factors contributing to the growth of the sleep industry as we know it:

More people are aware of the benefits of sleep

Over the last decade or so, the amount of research regarding sleep — particularly the relationship between sleep and mental and physical health — has skyrocketed. As a result, we now know more than ever about how a good night’s sleep can benefit our health. In fact, getting the proper amount of sleep has been linked with improved brain power, reduced weight, reduced chances of chronic illness and myriad other benefits.

The prevalence of sleep disorders is on the rise

At the same time, more people are becoming diagnosed with sleep disorders and other sleep-related issues. Thanks to Americans’ increasingly-busy schedules, longer work hours, increased stress levels and much more, it’s harder and harder for us to get the sleep we need at night. Today, as many as 10% of Americans have chronic insomnia; an incredible 30% will experience common symptoms of insomnia in any given year.

Demand for sleep aids is on the rise

Thanks to our improved knowledge of sleep and the fact that Americans are sleeping less than ever, the market for sleep apps, pharmaceutical sleep aids and all different types of adjustable beds has risen dramatically in recent years. As more and more people turn to these devices and products, it’s possible that America’s sleep problem can someday be solved.

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