Look Here, Find Your Remote!

Television remote control codes

TV remote controls go missing. It’s one of those facts of life, up there with death and taxes. The problem of finding tv remote controls is so common to American life (it makes sense, there are an estimated 335 million original remote controls in the US) that articles abound with recommendations on how to keep track of them. From duct tape tails, to chaining them to the table (which is ironic considering the first TV remote, the Lazy Bones, failed because it was connected to the TV by an inconvenient cord) to GPS tracking devices, people everywhere are holding their remotes down like they’re greased. Here is a list of places to look the next time your tv or dvd player remote goes missing.

According to the Logitech Global Remote Trends Study-

  • Before you start looking for a tv remote replacement, check your couch. A whopping 50% of the time the remote is in the couch somewhere
  • Some 4% of seekers find them in the fridge
  • About 2% found them outside or in the car
  • About 8% found it in the dresser and a separate 8% found it in the bathroom.

Of course, that’s not all the places those squirrely little clickers get to. Make sure you check the following spots:

  • In your purse
  • Under the couch
  • Your bedroom nightstand
  • In or around your dog
  • Under your pillow
  • In the cupboard (number one tipoff for this being the cereal box on your coffee table)
  • In your kid’s toy box, hands, or pockets.
  • In the garage
  • In the microwave (though I really hope not)
  • On top of the washing machine/ dryer
  • In the laundry you were folding while watching TV
  • Next to the DVD remote controls in the drawer under the TV that
    no one ever uses for anything
  • In your angry spouse’s hand as they nag you for all the chores you should be doing instead of watching TV

Where did you find your TV remote controls the last time they went missing? Let us know in the comments!