Bariatric Canes are Common Used Among all Age Groups

Cane for walking

The need for a bariatric cane is more common that many people realize, and they aren?t just for the elderly. Statistically, one in every four American adults suffer a fall each year. The risk increases with age for a wide range of reasons influenced by the decreased mobility of the individual due to health issues such as arthritis.

For older adults, the majority of falls happen within the home, which can be scary particularly for older adults living alone. Two of the most common causes of falls in older adults are unsteadiness or dizziness. If suffering regularly from dizziness or unsteadiness, it is important to consult your physician because there are a wide range of medical conditions that can cause those symptoms. In addition to look into the cause of those symptoms, your physician may recommend bariatric canes to provide greater stability when moving around.

Nearly seven million Americans have devices like canes to help them with their mobility. It is not uncommon and can help you avoid unnecessary falls and trips to the emergency room. Statistically, every 11 seconds, an elderly person is taken to the emergency room following a fall.

Almost 40% of all people over the age of 85 utilize a mobility device of some kind. Almost five million American adults walk with a can, which makes canes the most used mobility device in the country. While there are several options, bariatric canes provide added stability and care for those that feel uneasy or have concerns for falling.

Among cane users of all ages, the primary reason cited for using a cane was osteoarthritis, which causes limited mobility and an increased risk of falling. As mentioned, there are many different options in canes. They don’t have to make you feel or look old. There are wooden canes, folding canes, extra tall canes, fancy walking canes, and even walking sticks that can be used in place of canes.

With the use of canes increasing, they are becoming a more normal sight, which provides users a higher level of comfort-ability. Additionally, while utilizing a cane may seem cumbersome, it is preferable to be confined to a wheelchair due to mobility issues. Additionally, canes are available in a wide range of colors and designs that make them more of a statement piece than a visual hindrance.