Great Benefits of Assisted Living Communities

Independent living facilities

If you have any older people in your family and you are thinking about their safety as they get older, you may find yourself wondering about the benefits and drawbacks of independent living vs assisted living. This isn’t an easy question and requires consideration of many different factors. About seven in 10 American adults over the age of 65 will need long term care, which means that there are definitely a lot of options available to fill this need. About 900,000 senior citizens currently live in senior living communities in the United States.

When thinking about independent living vs assisted living, you should consider senior living costs and the different services they provide. About 41 states across the country currently offer Medicare reimbursement for assisted living costs. Assisted living facilities also offer help with daily tasks like cleaning, cooking, bathing and medical needs for all of the residents. The best independent living programs offer private apartments for their residents, which gives them privacy and the freedom to set up their home however they please.

If you are overwhelmed with deciding where your loved one should live, take a moment to read this and learn about some of the top benefits of senior living apartments.

    1. Lots of people to socialize with
    This is one of the best things about independent living communities for seniors. They get to move in with people their own age and meet new friends. It’s almost like living in the dorms, but they get to have even more independence. There are also lots of activities every day that are great for anyone who is retired and just wants to relax. They can participate in social events that will help facilitate new friendships, and this is great because it can be hard to make new friends when you get older.

    2. Access to immediate medical care
    As people age their health can become less and less certain, and at assisted living facilities there is always an experienced doctor on staff who is ready to deal with any medical emergency, no matter how big or how small.

    3. A fun and comfortable place to retire
    When people have worked their whole lives and they finally near the end of their time, they want a nice place to hang out. These facilities have great accommodations that allow seniors to create the perfect comfortable space for themselves.

    4. No worries about home maintenance
    Worrying about keeping up your home can be stressful, but with assisted living programs they take care of this for you.

    5. An overall safe environment
    As your parents age it can take a toll on your stress levels because people worry about if their elderly parents will be safe when they are home alone. With community living centers, you know they are always safe.

What are your thoughts on independent living vs assisted living in a senior home for the seniors in your life who you care about? Do you think it’s important to maintain a certain level of freedom while also giving them access to help with important daily tasks? If you have experience with this or you have any thoughts, we would love to hear from you. Please share your thoughts by leaving a comment below. References.

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