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1 Item You Didn’t Know Could Class Up Your Wedding

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If you’re planning for an outdoor party like a birthday, wedding, graduation/retirement party, or a bar/bat mitzvah, you always want a backup plan should the weather suddenly change. There’s nothing worse than finding out you have a surprise rain storm on the way and no way to protect your guests, decorations, and carefully planned event! Many people look into getting a tent and chair rental as a way to seat a number of people and stay protected from any chance weather. While some think tacky when they think of a tent and chair rental, you can get beautiful and elegant pieces that make your event simply sparkle. Some tent and chair rental companies also rent li

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The Coolest Luxury Amenities that Can Come With Your Apartment

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One of the best perks about apartment living is the amenities that come with it. Your apartment building probably has something like a pool, gym, or billiard room, all of which can make your apartment living that much better. But when you can afford the best luxury apartments, you also get the best luxury amenities. Here are some of the most over-the-top amenities you can actual get with a luxury apartment rental.
Have a Spa Day

Everyone loves a relaxing day at the spa, but what about having a spa here you live? Some apartment buildings have installed full-service spas and salons that offer massage treatments, facials, and even manicures and pedi

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Clothing Donations Benefit Military Veterans Charities

Used clothing pick up

Charity pick up services, especially those who pick up donations for the benefit of military families, provide a noble service. In addition to helping Americans declutter their homes, they facilitate the donation and distribution of thousands of pounds of clothing and other household items to Americans who put themselves in harm’s way to serve our country.

Not only does donating clothing to charity help clean out our closets, but it also helps avoid unnecessary wast in our country’s landfills. Did you know, for example, that the typical American household di

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What Are the Best Charities to Donate to? You May Be Surprised by the Answer

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Come the holiday season and the end of the fiscal year, many people ask the question, “What are the best charities to donate to?” They may do some research into the top charity organizations around the country or ask friends for recommendations. This is largely out of the concern of having their donations used “right” for helping families in need or others as much as possible.

The truth here, though, is that the best charities to donate to are any charities you find have a need. In other words, if you know of a local group that is looking for donations for children or a group that focuses on helping disabled veterans, then those are the best charities to donate to

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5 Things You Don’t Know About Amish Furniture

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5 Things You Don’t Know About Amish Furniture

Amish furniture is some of the most beautiful and functional pieces of furniture you can purchase for you home. These pieces are made with time and care, resulting in high quality pieces of furniture that can also be considered American folk art. The Amish are extremely hardworking people who put pride in their work, and it shows in their products. Do you have any Amish furniture in your house? If not, maybe it’s time to consider it! Whether its furniture or garden equipment, what you don’t know about Amish furniture may surprise you. Here are 5 things you don’t know about Amish furniture.

1. Amish furniture is often 100% wood.

When you go to your local superstore to buy a piece of

How To Become Better With Apartment Hunting In 10 Minutes

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If you’re a single person or a couple who has just moved to a new place and are looking for an affordable place to live, you may want to consider trying to find lofts for rent. City loft apartments can be a great economical choice–and besides, they look really cool! A loft apartment is the stuff of NYC dreams in movies–a spacious and well-lit room with high ceilings and modern furniture. For a couple especially, looking to find lofts for rent can be a great first apartment choice together. Lofts are also great for creative types like artists who need a large space to wo

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Look Here, Find Your Remote!

Television remote control codes

TV remote controls go missing. It’s one of those facts of life, up there with death and taxes. The problem of finding tv remote controls is so common to American life (it makes sense, there are an estimated 335 million original remote controls in the US) that articles abound with recommendations on how to keep track of them. From duct tape tails, to chaining them to the table (which is ironic considering the first TV remote, the Lazy Bones, failed because it was connected to the TV by an inconvenient cord) to GPS tracking devices, people everywhere are holding their remo

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Charitable Donations and How Giving Helps You

Charitable donations

Some studies indicate that giving something, whether your time, a compliment, or a gift, can improve your mood with something called positive psychology. An easy way to give to others and help yourself is by making a charitable donation, not of money, (though they need that too) but lightly used clothing.

If more people gave away instead of throwing away, landfills would be less full, especially with textiles. It is estimated that in 2006 alone, 2.5 billion pounds of clothing were kept out of landfills by being donated to second-hand shops instead. Some accounts estimate that as much as 90% of the textile waste in landfills is perfectly acceptable for donation and could go towards helping families in need.

Why doesn’t everyone donate? It is likely a matter of con

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How the Sleep Industry is More Awake Than Ever

Therapeutic bed

The sleep industry has fully awoken.

Even just a few years ago, few people were concerned about the amount of sleep they were getting per night. For many, a lack of sleep was simply thought of as a mere inconvenience, and research on the science of sleep was in short supply.

However, with more and more Americans looking for ways to improve the quality of their rest, the industry for items like adjustable beds and sleep aids has grown into a multi-million-dollar industry.

Why is the sleep industry doing so well today, of all times? Here’s a look at just three of the many factors contributing to the growth of the sleep industry as we know it:

More people are aware of the benefits of sleep

Over the last decade or so, the amount of research regarding sleep — particularly

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So Many Remotes, so Little Time Get a Grip With These Organizational Tips

Replacement tv remotes

Television. Cable box. Blu-Ray player. Stereo system. My mom even has remote controlled candles. Over half the homes in the U.S. have four or more devices in their living room that need remotes, 335 million of those being TV remotes. Personally, I tend to lose the dvd player remote the most because it has a Netflix button on it (yet does not actually control Netflix. What?). So half the time I have to use the dvd player remote-less, which makes scrolling through menus a pain. Lost of people don’t even bother, since 20% of Americans don’t even use at least one system because they lost the remote.

Places remotes are most often found:

  1. Between the couch cushions (there’s an actual study that says it’s most likely there)
  2. In the kitchen or another room where it should not be
  3. The
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