1 Item You Didn’t Know Could Class Up Your Wedding

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If you’re planning for an outdoor party like a birthday, wedding, graduation/retirement party, or a bar/bat mitzvah, you always want a backup plan should the weather suddenly change. There’s nothing worse than finding out you have a surprise rain storm on the way and no way to protect your guests, decorations, and carefully planned event! Many people look into getting a tent and chair rental as a way to seat a number of people and stay protected from any chance weather. While some think tacky when they think of a tent and chair rental, you can get beautiful and elegant pieces that make your event simply sparkle. Some tent and chair rental companies also rent linens, should your event be on the fancier end.
So Why Outdoors Anyway?
There can be a number of reasons to hold an event outdoors in the first place. Some people enjoy the natural setting and being outside in the fresh air. If your event is by water, it can also offer beautiful views and scenery to appreciate and take pictures against. In other cases, it may be the more practical option. If you have a large backyard, that can be the perfect place to have a significant number of people for a party, especially if your house is much smaller, or not well equipped for events with a lot of people. Plus, a backyard party can feel homey and inviting for many people.
Reasons to Rent Tents and Chairs
Like mentioned before, a waterproof tent can come in handy should an unexpected storm blow in! However, tent rentals can also supply a bit of shade during hotter weather and if you get chairs as well, it gives people a place to sit, chat, and mingle with more comfort.
If you shudder when thinking about tents from your childhood, re-imagine them as sailcloth tents, which are an elegant way to have shelter and look stylish at the same time. These types of tents are nautically inspired and made of sailcloth, which is white and translucent, while also being hardy and waterproof. If you get tent accessories like wooden poles, the lovely peaks and rounded edges give it a sophisticated and unique look that’s sure to be a hit anywhere. You can see a lot of these at weddings or fancier galas, because of the romantic appearance they exude. With natural looking chairs and a simple bouquet, you can have a country feel to your next event, whether it’s a sweet sixteen or a wedding.
Where Can I Rent Tents and Chairs?
If it’s for a wedding and you have a wedding planner, he or she may already have it all set up for you or be able to direct you to a few companies. Ask friends or family members–they may have recommendations at the ready for you. You can also check online (simply search for chair and table rentals) or in your phonebook.
Look for quality rental companies that have a great deal of experience in their business–they’ll make sure to do things right, from setting it all up to breaking it all down. You’ll get to not worry about one more detail and get on with planning the rest of your event!