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STCU My Life, My Money Workshop Protect Your Credit Score

Home mortgage rates

Do you have bad credit? Are you struggling to get a mortgage or loan? Fear not! The STCU is offering a free workshop on how to manage your credit. You’ll learn how to:

  • Look up your credit
  • Find out how your credit is determined
  • Identify and fix errors on your report
  • Improve your credit
  • Make the most of your credit score

Cleaning up your credit history and fixing errors on your credit report are two important ways to establish good credit. Having good credit will mean lower interest rates. The STCU: Protect Your Credit Score Workshop will occur on:
Wednesday, February 11 – South Hill
Noon – 1 p.m.
South Hill Library, 3324 S. Perry St.
A light lunch will be served. Hope to see you

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Great Benefits of Assisted Living Communities

Independent living facilities

If you have any older people in your family and you are thinking about their safety as they get older, you may find yourself wondering about the benefits and drawbacks of independent living vs assisted living. This isn’t an easy question and requires consideration of many different factors. About seven in 10 American adults over the age of 65 will need long term care, which means that there are definitely a lot of options available to fill this need. About 900,000 senior citizens currently live in senior living communities in the United States.

When thinking about independent living vs assisted living, you should consider senior living costs and the different services they provide. About 41 states across the coun

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Four Types of Household Donations You Should Consider Giving to Charity

Charitable clothing donations

Each year in the United States, approximately 70% of American adults give to charity at least once. But imagine if everyone gave something — how much more could U.S. citizens do to help community members, stop pollution, and provide support for local charity programs? If you’re looking for ways to help out others near you, there’s no better way to get involved than to donate household items to charity.

If you’re stumped for what to give, here are a few popular household donations that many charity organizations look for in their communities:

  • Clothing Donations: Did you know that Americans throw out between 12 and 13 million tons of clothing per year? Worse yet is that more than 95% of that clothing could have been salvaged and donated to charity. By donating cl

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Give the Gift of Warmth Charitable Clothing Donations

St vincent de paul donations

Though we may not always see the less fortunate, they are all around us. As awful as it is to hear, there are thousands of homeless people in the U.S. and even more who are poverty-stricken. Men, women, and children in all corners of the country lack basic necessities such as food, shelter, and clothing, and must brave the streets with next-to-nothing they can call their own. Charitable organizations play such a crucial role in our society and do fantastic work.

However, charity organizations rely on the public at large to take care of the homeless. It is for this reason why charitable clothing donations are incredibly important to the well-being of

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Finding the Right Elder Care Staff to Meet Your Needs

Senior living guide

When searching for the right elder care facilities, you’ll want to find one that meets the needs of older people. In fact, not only should these services cover the care needs that many seniors have, such as urgent medical attention and treatment for chronic conditions, but it should also cover other, more basic needs, too. For instance, an assisted living home that provides medical services is a necessity for seniors; however, there should also be a more human element to that care. If you’re seeking senior living options in your area, be sure to look beyond medical care to find out exactly what you’re getting.

Anyone who is considering senior living should be sure to visit any facility they may want to live in. This goes for both assisted living and independent senior living communities. Seeing the ho

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Donating Clothing to Charity Helping Families in Need Everyday

Charities that will pick up donations

Across the country from all corners of life, there are people in need of a basic human right: clothing. No man, woman, or child in the U.S. should have to face the streets without basic access to clothing. Unfortunately, this is an all-to-common reality. According to the National Alliance to End Homelessness, there are more than half a million homeless people in the U.S. Of these people, nearly 40% belong to families. All homeless people struggle with basic necessities like food and clothing everyday. The figures are unfathomable to grasp.

There are, however, many options for helping families in need. One option that is not only very popular but also desperately needed is clothing donations.

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Better Sleep A Buiding Block for Better Life

Luxury adjustable beds

“There is no sunrise so beautiful that it is worth waking me up to see it,” Mindy Kaling exclaims in her most recent book. Perhaps her need for sleep is indicative of poor sleep quality, often brought on by a crappy mattress. When people sleep, whether they know it or not, they are constantly changing sleep positions to avoid body tension. The American Chiropractic Association (ACA) even says that the average mattress puts 50 pounds of pressure on a persons back. In addition to these, below are three reasons to seriously consider an adjustable bed to address sleep issues.
Chronic Pain
The ACA also reports that 15% of Americans suffer from chronic pain that is brought on by their sleep positions. Spines are shaped like an S while our mattresses are often shaped like a straight line.

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Obtaining the Perfect Vacation Home

Outer banks real estate

When planning a vacation, many families are constantly on the lookout for any way to save money without sacrificing the fun and relaxation of their trip. One of the best ways to do this is by staying in a vacation rental home, especially when travelling in large groups. Vacation rental homes are often less expensive than staying in a hotel, and usually include a kitchen, allowing tenants to save money by eating out less frequently.

Finding luxury vacation home rentals that look perfect is easy. Finding a home that actually is perfect takes a little legwork. Knowing how to determine a good rental property is as easy as following the tips in this article.

The first thing you want to do when looking at any

The Perks of Working with a Realtor

How to find a realtor

Interested in buying or selling a home this year? The first thing you should know is that working with a real estate agent is the most efficient way to “get-er-done”. It’s sort of like when you need a pedicure. Sure, you could do it yourself. But wouldn’t it be a more elevated experience if you worked with an expert. Real estate agents know about real estate listings and how to buy a home. Below are just a few of the many “scoops” you’ll get when working with a realtor.
When to list your home and where?
Friday is the best day of the week to go ahead ahead and put your house on the market. And that doesn’t just mean that Friday is when you shou

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Easy Shopping Options for Church Furniture

Church steeple crosses

Investing in church furniture is tempting. Many folks don’t realize that antique church pews,church steeples or even just church steeple crosses can be purchased and re-purposed for use in your home. Dramatic? Sure. But finding church steeples for sale and other pieces of church furniture is easy. It’s finding the pieces in excellent condition that can be challenging, which is why people often look to buy it newly made. Here are three things to consider when thinking about buying new or used church pews:
If you’re in the market for brand new church pews, you can buy from a manufacturer. sales c

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