The Perks of Working with a Realtor

How to find a realtor

Interested in buying or selling a home this year? The first thing you should know is that working with a real estate agent is the most efficient way to “get-er-done”. It’s sort of like when you need a pedicure. Sure, you could do it yourself. But wouldn’t it be a more elevated experience if you worked with an expert. Real estate agents know about real estate listings and how to buy a home. Below are just a few of the many “scoops” you’ll get when working with a realtor.
When to list your home and where?
Friday is the best day of the week to go ahead ahead and put your house on the market. And that doesn’t just mean that Friday is when you should put the sign in the yard. Friday is when you should list your home online and in neighborhood papers. 90% of buyers access information about home buying on the internet and many communicate about the possibility of buying through the web. Having a good web presence is a huge part of selling your home.
Who is your customer?
If you are selling, you may think that the only people looking at your house will have a similar life to you. That may not be the case at all. Some may be investment buyers, some may be looking to buy things for rental property, some may just be relocating and not actually all that jazzed about moving. A good realtors knows how to accentuate all the best parts of your home for the person who is checking it out.
How can you make your home more competitive?
When you are working with a real estate agent, they know the current market trends. For example, the process of buying a house could involve some renovation. In 2014, a good realtor might have suggested that you finish your basement because many families are increasingly interested in multi-generational housing. It’s hard to know these trends without being in the field.
It’s hard to know the steps to buying a house but a realtor give you a guide map to navigating the process.
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